The NCODA Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience:

  • A 4- to 6-week APPE in Association Management is available
  • APPE Students work remotely or onsite at NCODA Headquarters in Cazenovia, NY
  • Objectives
    • Learn the functions of a non-profit member association
    • Learn about NCODA committees and initiatives
    • Work on projects for NCODA Committees and Initiatives
    • Create and present oncology posters
    • Participate in NCODA National Monthly Webinar
    • Participate at NCODA Meeting (if meeting occurs during rotation)

Current Affiliations

The University of Rhode Island
St. John Fischer College
Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
University of South Florida
The Ohio State University
University of Buffalo
Shenandoah University
University of Texas Tech
Mercer University
University of Arizona
Binghamton University
Belmont University
Midwestern University
University of Minnesota
University of North Texas
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Regis University
University of Charleston School of Pharmacy
University of Toronto
Keck Graduate Institute
Medical College of Wisconsin
University of Kansas
Washington State University
University of Kentucky
The University of Toledo

Past NCODA APPE Students


Shabeli Farooq, PharmD Candidate 2021, Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

“The NCODA APPE rotation was such a wonderful, unique, and rewarding experience. It brought me out of my shell and allowed me to enhance my writing, research, and presentation skills, as well as expand my professional development. I had the opportunity to partake in numerous meetings that gave me exclusive access to NCODA as a whole. It included but was not limited to, national webinars, access to NCODA resources and members that helped me acquire knowledge about new drug approvals and comprehensive medication management in oncology patients. I had the opportunity to present a new drug on the OPTA national webinar, review, analyze positive quality interventions, treatment support kits, oral chemotherapy education and showcase my business plan for starting a MID pharmacy and so much more. NCODA practices its mission, vision, and values in the best possible way and emphasizes the importance of inter-professional collaboration. During my time here, I felt like I was part of the NCODA team due to the endless support and genuine interest in my APPE experience. Additionally, I look forward to all the incredible achievements made by NCODA that will help further advance the oncology practice!”


Christine Pujol, MBA, PharmD Candidate 2021, Shenandoah University Bernard J Dunn School of Pharmacy

“This rotation provided me with many opportunities to grow professionally by sharpening my skills in presenting, researching, and writing, all while learning all the unique aspects of association management. I learned about oncology medications, cost avoidance, interprofessional teamwork, and quality improvement among many other things. At NCODA, I also gained an appreciation for all the stakeholders involved in oncology, from pharmacies and clinics to insurance and pharmaceutical companies. My preceptors were phenomenal and they genuinely cared about my APPE experience. I loved this rotation so much that I shared about it with all my classmates. I highly recommend it!”




Allison Monsell, PharmD Candidate 2021, Shenandoah University Bernard J Dunn School of Pharmacy

“I can never say enough good things about my time with NCODA! During my APPE I learned about many recent advancements in the oncology field and made valuable connections with various healthcare providers across the nation. I immediately felt welcome from my first day with the various members I worked with and I was able to involve myself in any project that I thought was interesting. I had many opportunities to build upon my strengths and weaknesses throughout my time there. I know that I will continue to interact with all my fellow NCODA members in the future and help advance the future of oncology practice!”



Benjamin Bratek, RN, PharmD Candidate 2020, Albany College of Pharmacy Health Sciences

“My time at NCODA was extremely valuable in terms of my development as a future pharmacist. Not only did I acquire communication and management skills, I also left NCODA each day feeling like I made a difference. The team-based atmosphere is great, and everyone is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this rotation to any student looking for an out-of-the-box experience that will have a lasting career development impact.”



Emily Uebbing, PharmD Candidate 2020, University of Rhode Island

“This experience opened my eyes to the different possibilities pharmacists have with their diploma. My most memorable moments during my NCODA rotation were the opportunities I had to network. I am grateful that I went out of my comfort zone and chose the rotation. I am going to be a better pharmacist for it. NCODA staff worked with me throughout this rotation to help me achieve my goals.”



Christopher Russell, PharmD Candidate 2020, St. John Fischer College Wegmans’ School of Pharmacy

“My time on APPE rotation at NCODA was a truly beneficial and rewarding experience. I continually practiced my research, writing, and presenting skills, and I greatly improved in all these areas because of my time at NCODA. I also made countless connections and friends who will be willing to help me throughout my career. NCODA offers a unique APPE experience and I would definitely recommend it to all pharmacy students!”




Rebecca Corvese, PharmD, Oncology Association Management Fellow at NCODA

“The NCODA APPE experience quite literally changed my life for the better. I never realized how I could help patients on a national level as a pharmacy student until my time at NCODA. I was able to improve upon and receive feedback on both my strengths and weaknesses during my rotation. I recommend this experience to anyone interested in management, oncology and/or industry.”