XIFIN and NCODA are partnering to make it easier for community oncology practices to attract clinical trials which provide alternative treatment options for patients.


Through this partnership, NCODA members have an exclusive opportunity to adopt VisualStrata® an award-winning healthcare informatics solution that is purpose built for oncology practices.

To learn more about this opportunity and the value that it will bring to your practice we invite you to schedule a call with our team to learn more.

“By working with the XIFIN team, we will be able to add significant improvements to our program. The platform will allow us to run a retrospective analysis of patient trends over time to improve our ability to identify appropriate patients for clinical trials and will allow us to better position ourselves as we move from fee-for-service towards value-based care.”
Randy Erickson, CEO, Utah Cancer Specialists, and NCODA Executive Council Member

“NCODA’s Mission is to empower the medically-integrated oncology team to deliver positive, patient-centered outcomes. When one of our NCODA members embarked on an initiative with XIFIN, we were intrigued to follow the progress. Given what we learned about VisualStrata’s capabilities, NCODA felt compelled to initiate a partnership that would provide this innovative tool complimentary to our member practices.”
Mike Reff, RPh, MBA, Founder & Executive Director, NCODA

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Patricia Goede, VP Clinical Informatics at XIFIN Inc., presented the VisualStrata solution along with Randy Erickson as part of the webinar entitled “Harnessing the Power of Oncology Data Through the NCODA Informatics Initiative”. This short video allows you to see how the Utah Cancer Specialists use VisualStrata to support their clinical trials program and the benefits they recognize including reducing administrative burden, more timely identification of clinical trial participants and a better understanding of their patient population and treatment paths.

Jeff Yates, CTO at XIFIN Inc., also shared the importance of business continuity and security needed for patient data and its role in the NCODA Informatics Initiative.

Listen to the complete webinar at the link below.

Why has NCODA partnered with XIFIN?

NCODA strives to continually bring value to practices through the adoption of quality standards, sharing best practices, and improving financial viability. At NCODA we recognize the challenge and expense that oncology groups have trying to bring disparate clinical, diagnostic, genomics, and therapeutic data together in a unified view.

After comprehensive review of the XIFIN healthcare informatics VisualStrata®, NCODA believes that this platform will bring purposeful and improved overall operational and business outcomes to all stakeholders involved in the care of cancer patients. With a collaborative direction, the goal of this partnership is to support oncology practices by:

· Making it easier for clinicians to identify possible new care options

· Optimizing practice level decision making,

· Centralizing “locked-up” patient data so that it’s integrated, organized, and accessible.

· Facilitating preliminary identification of patients for clinical trials

· Facilitating chart reviews

· Supporting  retrospective analysis of data

· Visualizing patient journey patterns

With a purpose-built Precision Medicine Informatics solution – Community Oncology Groups can:

1. Address Data Silos

2. Create a unified view of clinical, genomic, therapy information

3. Augment their technology stack to support precision medicine and real world data initiatives

Who is XIFIN?

XIFIN is a healthcare information technology company that leverages diagnostic information to improve the quality and economics of healthcare. The company’s cloud-based solutions facilitates connectivity and workflow automation for accessing and sharing clinical and financial diagnostic data, linking healthcare stakeholders in the delivery and reimbursement of care across diagnostic, pharmacy and oncology markets. XIFIN is at the epicenter of provider, patient, payor, and biopharma data exchange in an evolving healthcare market.

What is VisualStrata®?

VisualStrata is an award-winning healthcare informatics solution purpose-built for oncology that uniquely integrates ‘patients’ data (clinical, diagnostic, genomic, therapy) into a single unified view. Analysis of patient cohorts enables oncology professionals to explore patient care options, make practice-level decisions, and improve operational and business outcomes.

Why should my practice participate?

Community oncology groups are uniquely positioned to contribute data to improve the health of population cohorts outside their own practices. Your NCODA membership delivers this exclusive opportunity and the economies of scale of a healthcare informatics solution. By NCODA members collaborating and pooling oncology patient data together, practices can explore biopharmaceutical research based on the more extensive deidentified data set thereby potentially increase clinical trial participation. Additionally, oncology groups can optimize their own practice through accelerated chart reviews, retrospective analysis and exploring patient journey patterns, ultimately supporting better patient outcomes. Early interventions may prevent or delay disease onset, offsetting the cost of care for chronic conditions. These potential cost savings are at the heart of value-based care initiatives.


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