Natasha Khrystolubova is one of the lead author of the Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice article, Pharmacist-led patient education and adverse event management in patients with non-small cell lung cancer receiving afatinib in a community-based, real-world clinical setting.

An NCODA practice working to make a difference in the pharmacy to positively impact patient care. Florida Cancer Specialists (FCL) have taken an active role in patient care and adherence.

Going Beyond the First Fill gives every patient the monitoring and follow-up to improve care at the pharmacy level through best practices. These are challenges real community-based pharmacies are facing. FCS gives patients the support needed through health education and resources. “The FCS program was designed specifically to manage AEs that occurred during use of afatinib, but many of the principles and approaches could be implemented for patients treated with other types of medication. ” Read More.

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March 15, 2019

NCODA Announces Dr. Mario Lacouture as Director of the Medical Advisory Board for Treatment Support Program

Cazenovia, NY – The National Community Oncology Dispensing Association, Inc. (NCODA) Executive Council is pleased to announce that Mario Lacouture, M.D. will be joining the Treatment Support Program as Director of the Medical Advisory Board.

Dr. Lacouture is a board-certified dermatologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, where he serves as Director of the Oncodermatology Program. Dr. Lacouture’s clinical career has focused on the recognition and management of side effects resulting from cancer treatments, affecting the skin, hair, and nails of cancer patients and survivors.

“It is a great day for NCODA!” proclaimed Michael Reff, Founder and Executive Director of NCODA, after learning that Mario Lacouture would be joining the Treatment Support Program team. Dr. Lacouture will start his work with the program in March. In his role as Director of the Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Lacouture will be providing expertise and guidance to the program committee.

The mission of NCODA’s Treatment Support Program is to provide patients and caregivers with resources that make sense for adherence and adverse effect management during treatment with anticancer medications. The priority is to equip healthcare professionals and patients with educational information and products that will be needed during the course of treatment. NCODA’s Treatment Support Kits are a fundamental component of the program.

TSK committee co-chairs Chris Kepinski, PharmD [Southern Oncology Specialists, NC] and Jamie Fritz, PharmD [Compass Oncology, WA] also see Dr. Lacouture as a great asset to the program. “Having an expert on the team who has seen first-hand how adverse effects of cancer treatments impact patient adherence is extremely important,” Kepinski said.

“The work that NCODA is doing with the Treatment Support Program is something that I fully support,” said Lacouture. “What better way to help patients than by providing them with the information and products they need to maintain their quality of life and health throughout their treatment course.”

For more information about NCODA’s Treatment Support Program visit:

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Drug pricing, manufacturer rebates, and PBM transparency are all critical questions that are being asked of today’s insurers; unfortunately, this particular response from UHC might actually push patients away from the medically-integrated team and into their own specialty pharmacy system. NCODA supports efforts to enhance the continuity of care at the physician level where we have proven enhanced convenience, superior cost avoidance, better adherence, reduced waste from errant fills, etc. Read more

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