The National Community Oncology Dispensing Association, Inc. (NCODA) Executive Council is pleased to announce the establishment of the Oncology Pharmacy Technician Association (OPTA), the first professional association dedicated to supporting and encouraging the professional development of oncology pharmacy technicians.

Numerous technicians have already benefited from OPTA which is comprised of over 130 members and is steadily growing. The association meets on a regular basis to discuss best practices, current issues, and many other topics within the field of oncology. Monthly webinar meetings feature the latest updates and deliver meaningful content to OPTA members via the Drug Update, Peer Presentation, and Technician in Focus platforms.  OPTA, with the support of NCODA’s Executive Council will help set the standards for this important member of the medically integrated team [referring to all members of a patient’s care team involved in their treatment with oncolytic medications].  Furthermore, OPTA is developing a certification program to enhance the professional development potential for oncology pharmacy technicians, worldwide.

Current OPTA member Carol Hemersbach, CPhT, from Arizona Blood and Cancer Specialists stated, “Oncology pharmacy techs play an integral role in cancer care, and with the growth of oral chemotherapy agents, we need to empower and arm these technicians with the knowledge they need to provide quality care to cancer patients. The new OPTA will help us accomplish this.”

“Oncology pharmacy technicians are valuable members of the medically integrated team,” said Michael Reff, Founder & Executive Director of NCODA, when asked about OPTA and the timing. “We feel that there is a need to help further the education, training, and networking opportunities available for these technicians. The medically integrated team will benefit tremendously from this new Association,” Reff proclaimed.

“Our medically integrated pharmacy model could not run without our highly trained, dedicated oncology pharmacy technicians. Our pharmacists depend on the hard work they put in each and every day to help us deliver best in class clinical and distribution services to our patients. We are excited to support this new organization within NCODA,” says Ray Bailey, Pharmacy Director at Florida Cancer Specialists and NCODA Executive Council member.

Application for membership in OPTA is available below (Please log in or sign-up to access application).

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OPTA Members


    1. 4 modules for Pharmacy Technicians.
  2. (must say Non-member FREE)
    1. 3 free CEs for technicians, many others for a fee.
    1. There are free (2 credit) CEs for technicians
    2. This site also has 5 pharmacy law CEs and 4 patient safety CEs. All are 2 credits (except one that is 1.5) and $3.95 each, which is not a bad price for the only 2 categories you MUST have CEs in)
    1. has free CEs for technicians. Offers live events.
    1. In 2 places: Under the heading “You Asked for It! Continuing Education Activities” there are some free CEs for technicians (2 credits each.) Under “Monthly Topics” there are more free CEs (2 credits each), and of which are accredited for Technicians EXCEPT one on diabetes.  Many of these are relevant to oncology!
    2. These CEs are recorded using a session code to access the quiz.  Make sure you use the Pharmacy Technician code, which is found on the 1st page of the article.  Instructions are on the website.
    1. There are free CEs for technicians ranging from 1-1.5 credits. There are a TON of other free CEs that, sadly, do not have technician accreditation, but are interesting and very applicable to community oncology
    1. Has a couple free CEs (one of which is a free 2 credit law CE).  Most require $10.


OPTA Chair

Becki Tinder, The Ghosh Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

OPTA Leadership Team

Linda Grimsley, Virginia Cancer Specialists, Fairfax, VA

Taryn Newsome, Progressive Pharmacy Care at Virginia Cancer Institute, Richmond, VA

Brandi Gudwien, Alabama Oncology, Birmingham, AL

Christine Robinson, Clearview Cancer Institute, Huntsville, AL

Heather Grove, Cancer Centers of Colorado, Denver, CO

Sarah Eisenhart, Gettysburg Cancer Center, Gettysburg, PA

Teri Roberts, Arizona Oncology, AZ

Emily Zimdars, Fairview Health Services, MN

Ainah Wongus, Virginia Oncology Associates, VA

Alana Kroll, Medical Oncology and Hematology Associates, IA

Alex Sandoval, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL

Alexander Stanley, Cancer Specialists of North Florida, FL

Alexandra Grant, American Oncology Network, FL

Alicia Barnes, Summit Cancer Centers, WA

Alisa StLawrence, Care New England, RI

Alison Bridges, New England Cancer Specialists, ME

Amanda Hudgins, Virginia Oncology Associates, VA

Amanda Longacre, Hunterdon Heme/Onc, PA

Amber Fisher, Graves Gilbert Clinic, KY

Amy Salas, University of Rochester Specialty Pharmacy, NY

Amy Waldron, Hematology-Oncology Associates of Fredericksburg, VA

Angela Wilson, THO Pharmacy Texas, TX

Ashley Gonzalez, IN

Ashley Placher-Biernat, Joliet Oncology Hematology Assoc, IL

Beau Wolter, Florida Cancer Specialists, FL

Bethany Joss, Hematology Oncology Associates of CNY, NY

Bob Orzechowski, Lancaster Cancer Center, PA

Brandi Gudwien, Alabama Oncology, AL

Brandie Hiebert, DRMD Clinics, LA

Brandy Larson, St. Luke’s Mountain States Institute, ID

Brandy Simmons, Charleston Cancer Center, SC+A23

Caiqi Wei, MCPHS University Boston, MA

Camilo Rodriquez, Florida Cancer Specialists, FL

Carol Hemersbach, Arizona Oncology, AZ

Carolyn DeMouy, South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute, AL

Cathern Cooke, Virginia Oncology Associates, VA

Cindy Loya, Lake Health University – Seidman Cancer Center, OH

Cheryl Hyk, Minnesota Health Fairview Pharmacy, MN

Chris Wagner, Jefferson University

Christina Peters, Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center, NE

Christine Robinson, Clearview Cancer Institute, AL

Dana Wright, Cancer Specialists of North Florida, FL

Darrin Owen, Florida Cancer Specialists, FL

Dee Zettlmeier, Alpha Med Physicians Group, IL

Denise Jiorle, Hunterdon Heme/Onc, PA

Denise Bristow, American Health Network Hematology/Oncology, IN

Donna Savoie, Yale New Haven Health, CT

Elizabeth Ribera, GA

Elizabeth Tarazona, Florida Cancer Specialists, FL

Emily Zimdars, Fairview Health Services, MN

Eric Boggus, Clearview Cancer Institute, AL

Eric Moses, Georgia Cancer Specialists, GA

Erin Horner, Gettysburg Cancer Center, PA

Erin Rogovic, Joliet Oncology Hematology Associates, IL

Erin Woodard, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, CO

Eryn Thomas, DCH Health System, AL

Genna Dunn, Cancer Care Specialists, NV

Gina Buzzell, McFarland Clinic-Hematology/Oncology, IO

Gretchen Maurer, Nebraska Cancer Specialists, NE

Heather Dahlbeck Matos, MGH, MA

Heather Grove, Cancer Centers of Colorado, CO

Heather Gummo, Geisinger-Western Region Clinics, PA

Heather Mason, VA Cancer

Heather Maynard, Swedish American Hospital Specialty Pharmacy, IL

Heidi Williamson, St Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute, ID

Henry Montufar, NJ Urology

Jacqueline Llanos, Yale New Haven Hospital, CT

Jamie LeVieux, Utah Cancer Specialists, UT

Janine Brodeur, cCARE (California Cancer Association for Research & Excellence), CA

Jean Maleski, American Oncology Network, IN

Jenna Hall, Carle Cancer Center, Urbana, IL

Jennifer Davila Silva, Lancaster Cancer Center, PA

Jessica Gallegos, Valley Cancer Associates, TX

Jessica Hollenbeck, University of Rochester Specialty Pharmacy, NY

Jessica Rush, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, CO

Joan Martens, Florida Cancer Specialists, FL

Joanna Jaworska, Starling Physicians, CT

Joel Sanchez, Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment, TX

Joscelyn Scarpello, UVA Health System, VA

Joy Morrow, Virginia Oncology Associates – Princess Anne Office, VA

Julia Lord, Billings Clinic, MT

Julie Wolfe, Lancaster Cancer Center, PA

Kami Starks, Utah Cancer Specialists, UT

Kara Sammons, Florida Cancer Specialists, FL

Karen Eutsler, University of Virginia, VA

Karrie McCowen, Florida Cancer Specialists, FL

Kassandra Beckmann, Fox Valley Hematology & Oncology, WI

Kathleen Iams, Tri-County Heme/Onc, OH

Kathleen Saller, SCL Health, CO

Kathlynn Clark, Shenandoah Oncology, VA

Katie Clift, Virginia Oncology Assoc, VA

Kelli Zimmerman, IU Health Simon Cancer Center, IN

Kelly Rozyczko, Heme/Onc Consultants Central NY, NY

Kelly Ryan, June E Nylen Cancer Center, IA

Khalil Brodnick, Yale New Haven Health, CT

Kristen Petrosino, Massachusetts General Hospital/North Shore Cancer Center Massachusetts, MA

Kyle Kitchen, Utah Cancer Specialists, UT

Laura Corral, Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, CA

Laura Kirschenmann, Billings Clinic, MT

Linda Grimsley, Virginia Cancer Specialists, VA

Maija Clausen, Trellis RX, MN

Mallory Roberts, Orion Cancer Care, OH

Marie Voights, Fox Valley Hem and Onc, WI

Marisol Roidriguez, Oncology Consultants PA, TX

Maritza Udeokoro, Yale New Haven Health, CT

Mark Bolch, Piedmont Medical Center, NC

Marsha Sneller, June E Nylen Cancer Center, IA

Mary Annjanette Jocom, AMITA Cancer Institute, IL

McKenzie Percival, Oncology/Billings Clinic, MT

Megan Downey, SIU Medicine, IA

Melanie Majerik, Alabama Oncology, AL

Melisa Whitehead, Florida Cancer Specialists, FL

Melissa Fagan, Central Care Cancer Center, MO

Melissa Paige, University of Virginia, VA

Michael Cheeseman, HealthCare Partners, NV

Michael Garay, University of Arizona at St. Joseph’s, AZ

Michelle Arcata, Starling Physicians, CT

Michelle Robinson, Central Care Cancer Center, KS

Miranda Nichols, Hematology Oncology Associates of Alabama, AL

Misty Miranda, Utah Cancer Specialists, UT

Nicole Davis, Beacon Cancer Care, ID

Nicole Lachner, Minnesota Health Fairview, MN

Nikki Davis, Woodlands Medical Specialists, FL

Nora Hansen, Progressive Care, IL

Paula Betancourt, Arizona Oncology, AZ

Paula Hall, Jackson Oncology, MS

Peguy Rene, MGH, MA

Rebecca Anderson, University Cancer & Blood Center, GA

Rebecca Garland, Florida Cancer Specialists, FL

Rebecca Tinder, The Ghosh Center, IO

Robert Kelly Virginia Oncology Associates, VA

Robyn Dunker, Cancer Care Specialists of Central Illinois, IL

Rodora Cabrera, Saint Joseph Hospital/Mark M. Connolly Center for Cancer & Specialty Care, IL

Rosa Guerrero, Billings Clinic, MT

Sandra Hill, Alpha Med Physicians Group, IL

Sarah Eisenhart, Gettysburg Cancer Center, PA

Sarah Stadt, Cancer Specialists of North Florida, FL

Sherri Noyes, Arizona Oncology, AZ

Sherry Chambers, Fairbanks Cancer Care, AK

Sloan Stevens, UR Specialty Pharmacy, NY

Sontha Lu, Kellogg Cancer Center, IL

Stephanie Sabillon, Florida Cancer Specialists, FL

Suzanne Vogel, Mills Breast Cancer Center, Urbana, IL

Taccara Cook, Proprium Specialty Pharmacy, VA

Tami Rosencrans, Florida Cancer Specialists, FL

Taryn Newsome, Progressive Pharmacy Care at Virginia Cancer Institute, Richmond, VA

Teresa Holbrook, Bassett Healthcare, NY

Teri Roberts, Arizona Oncology, AZ

Tiffany Davis, Baptist Health, KY

Tina Crumpler, Charleston Cancer Center, SC

Tionna Pate, IU Health Simon Cancer Center, IN

Traci Preecha, Block Integrative Cancer Treatment Center, IL

Tracy Grady, Mt Diablo Solano Oncology Group, CA

Veronica Chavez, New Mexico Oncology Hematology Consultants, NM

Vicente (Vince) Melendez-Tirado, HOACNY, NY

William Mitchell, Southern Oncology Specialists, NC

Yansi Flores, Northern VA Hem and Onc Assoc, VA