Nancy J Egerton

Dr Egerton earned a BS from Niagara University and a BS and PharmD from the Albany College of Pharmacy. She attained her Board Certification in Oncology Pharmacy in 2006. Dr Egerton is currently employed as Area Manager of Pharmacy Services for New York Oncology Hematology (NYOH) in Albany, NY. She is responsible for managing the practice’s chemotherapy infusion program, stem cell transplant, investigational products for research/clinical trials, and in-office dispensing of oral therapies. Dr Egerton has extensive experience in collaborative discussions with managed care organizations related to clinical pathways, therapeutic interchange and contracting for the dispensing of oral oncolytics at the practice level. Dr Egerton has authored several articles and presented at various meetings on topics related to cancer therapeutics and patient management in the outpatient setting. Dr Egerton also serves on the US Oncology Pharmacy and Therapeutics and Collaborative Care Subcommittees.


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