4 modules for Pharmacy Technicians

3 Free CEs for Pharmacy Technicians, many other for a fee

2 Free CEs for Pharmacy Technicians

This site also has 5 pharmacy law CEs and 4 patient safety CEs. All are 2 credits (except one that is 1.5) at $3.95 each

5 Free CEs for Pharmacy Technicians and offers live events

In 2 places: Under the heading “You Asked for It! Continuing Education Activities” there are some free CEs for technicians (2 credits each.) Under “Monthly Topics” there are more free CEs (2 credits each), and of which are accredited for Technicians EXCEPT one on diabetes.  Many of these are relevant to oncology!

These CEs are recorded using a session code to access the quiz.  Make sure you use the Pharmacy Technician code, which is found on the 1st page of the article.  Instructions are on the website.

5 free CEs for Pharmacy Technicians ranging from 1-1.5 credits. There are a TON of other free CEs that, sadly, do not have technician accreditation, but are interesting and very applicable to community oncology.

Free CEs for Pharmacy Technicians including a free 2 credit law CE. Most require a $10 fee.