Texas Oncology

Mission Statement:

Texas Oncology was founded in 1986 by a forward-thinking group of physicians who shared a vision to chart their own course. They believed there was a better way to provide cancer care. Together, they made community-based cancer treatment a reality.

We’ve never strayed from our core mission to bring hope and a better quality of life to our patients. Every patient who entrusts their care to us is unique, and every fight, critical.

We provide high-quality, high-touch evidence-based care to help you achieve “More breakthroughs. More victories.” ® in your fight against cancer.


We have more than 175 locations, including 42 medically-integrated pharmacies, throughout Texas and southeastern Oklahoma. We’re in every corner of Texas. Our community-based approach removes the feeling of isolation of being away from home and eliminates the strenuous burden of frequent travel for appointments at distant treatment facilities to receive quality care. Our experts offer advanced, evidence-based care including diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, pharmacy services, clinical trials, and supportive services. The best part is that you find it all in one place and near your support system.

Practice Details:

Texas Oncology consists of 4766 employees, including:

Physicians                               420

Nurses                                     908

APPs                                       122

Pharmacists                              58

Pharmacy techs                       110


Texas Oncology Pharmacy has received the PBMI Excellence Award for 2018. We are an OCM practice and have participated in value-based care programs. We are also a leader in the utilization of oncology treatment pathways.

Pharmacy Services Staff

Texas Oncology Pharmacy Services are located in 42 clinics throughout the state of Texas. OPS pharmacists provide 24-hour, seven-day-a-week call for any ambulatory infusion problems experienced by patients treated in Texas Oncology practices. OPS pharmacies carry a complete line of oral and injectable drugs to meet the retail needs of our oncology patients. Written and verbal information about medications is provided to assist patients in understanding what they are taking. The pharmacists review each patient’s medications and highlight possible interactions with other medications taken.

Dispensing Type

Retail dispensing pharmacies

Services Provided

  1. Chemotherapy
  2. Radiation
  3. Clinical trials
  4. Bone marrow transplant
  5. Interventional surgery
  6. Urology
  7. Proton therapy

Why did you join NCODA?

NCODA has been a leader with assessing patient satisfaction and showing the value of community oncology. I wanted to be a part of an organization that helps to support and show the value and of medically-integrated pharmacies.

How did you become a member?

I joined prior to the inaugural Fall Summit in 2016. The process was simple via the NCODA website (

How did you hear about us?

NCODA’s Chair and Texas Oncology’s executive director, Jim Schwartz, talked about the benefits of the organization with our pharmacy team.

How can NCODA help you?

Continue to collaborate with practices across the country and help show the value of community-based cancer centers and medically-integrated pharmacies.

How would you like to be more involved with NCODA?

I would like to continue participating in meetings and continue to help develop PQIs (positive quality interventions).

What are some challenges you face now or will face in the future?

Payers and PBMs are getting more and more restrictive limiting access to oral drugs for our patients. NCODA and member practices have an opportunity to show the value of medically-integrated pharmacies.


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