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Ginger Blackmon, PharmD, Manager of Patient-Centered Communications

We look forward to bringing you a new way to hear first-hand from clinical and administrative experts across the country on the latest in oncology and how they utilize PQIs to positively impact their practice and overall care, shared stories from cancer survivors on life changing events, and current industry issues that our guests are focusing on to ensure a better future for patients.

Equity and Disparities in Oncology

On today’s episode of The PQI Podcast we welcome Dr. Carmen Guerra. Dr.Guerra is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, a general internist, and health equity researcher.  She is the Vice Chair of Diversity and Inclusion for the Department of Medicine and the Associate Director of Diversity and Outreach for the Abramson Cancer Center (ACC) where she also co-leads Community Outreach and Engagement.  At the national level, Dr. Guerra serves as the American Cancer Society (ACS) Board Scientific Officer for the National Board of Directors.


Dr. Guerra and her team have led health equity research that has included the establishment and evaluation of breast and colorectal cancer screening navigation programs at Penn Medicine that have engaged more than 5000 underserved, minority Philadelphia residents in cancer screening and programs that have doubled the participation of Black patients in ACC cancer clinical treatment trials.  She has authored numerous articles including the current American Cancer Society’s colorectal cancer screening guidelines which reduced the starting age for screening to 45, the cervical cancer screening guidelines which allow for screening with HPV testing alone (without a Pap smear) and the current HPV vaccination guidelines. These publications widely influence current clinical practice.

On Episode 7 of The PQI Podcast, Host, Ginger Blackmon, discusses Dr. Guerra’s personal story and her work in various areas of equity and disparities in oncology. Now available to download and stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or at the link below.

On today’s episode of The PQI Podcast we welcome Becki Tinder and Taryn Newsome. Becki and Taryn are leaders in NCODA’s Oncology Pharmacy Technician Association (OPTA). Taryn recently joined NCODA staff as OPTA coordinator.

Today we discuss the role and value in Oncology Pharmacy Technicians. We also discuss the benefits of OPTA and networking with peers. To learn more about OPTA please visit or email Taryn at

On today’s episode of The PQI Podcast we welcome Saudra Pelletier. Saundra is the CEO of Evofem Biosciences and a breast cancer survivor. At her core, Saundra is a passionate advocate for women’s wellness and empowerment. She is a leader in the boardroom and beyond, using her experience, voice and vision for real, progressive change for women. Saundra brings more than two decades of broad executive leadership experience to Evofem. Throughout her career, she has had oversight and accountability for Sales, Marketing, Operations, Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships.

Today we discuss her role as CEO of Evofem Biosciences, her personal cancer story, and Evofem’s hormone-free, on-demand, female contraceptive gel PHEXXI®. Saundra discusses Evofem’s collaboration with NCODA and the importance of the PHEXXI® Positive Quality Intervention. 

On today’s episode of The PQI Podcast we welcome My-Lien Au and Madison Motzner, leaders of the NCODA Professional Student Organization (PSO). Au is a Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate at the University of North Texas Health Science Center and currently serves as National Vice President of Community Service of the NCODA PSO. Motzner is a Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate at Washington State University (WSU) and currently serves and National President of the NCODA PSO.

Host, Ginger Blackmon, PharmD, discusses their involvement in NCODA’s Professional Student Organization, the importance of oncology education in pharmacy school, and listens to their personal stories. The first annual NCODA Professional Student Organization Meeting: An Oncology Student Pharmacist’s Career Journey will be held September 16-17, 2021 in Detroit, Michigan. Meeting registration and additional  information can be found here:

On today’s episode of The PQI Podcast we welcome Michael Schuh, BS, PharmD, MBA, FAPhA. Dr. Schuh is an ambulatory pharmacist, Assistant Professor of Family and Palliative Medicine, and Assistant Professor of Pharmacy at Mayo Clinic Florida. He is an expert in medication therapy management and pharmacogenomics. Today we discuss pharmacogenomics and polypharmacy in the oncology patient.

On today’s episode of The PQI Podcast we welcome Dr. John Marshall and his wife Liza Marshall. Dr. John Marshall is a medical oncologist and a professor at Georgetown University, and he is an internationally recognized expert in gastrointestinal cancers and the development of new treatments for cancer. Liza Marshall left practice as a communications attorney in 2005 to channel her talents and energy into her family and her growing role at Hope Connections for Cancer Support, of which she is a founding member. In 2006, at the age of forty-three, Liza was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, the deadliest form of the disease.

The recently released the book Off Our Chests: A Candid Tour Through the World of Cancer. In Off Our Chests, Liza vividly details her treatment, her feelings of desperation and vulnerability, the complex decisions she had to make from mastectomy to chemotherapy and radiation, and finally the elective removal of her other breast—all experienced in the sometimes uncomfortable public setting of being treated at her husband’s cancer center. John’s experience as a caregiver forces him to rethink everything he has learned and teaches as a leader in cancer care. No longer able to maintain complete objectivity with his own patients, he ultimately exhausts himself trying to provide ideal cancer care for all.

Today we discuss their book and their experiences of oncologist turned caregiver and of cancer patient and survivor.

On the inaugural episode of The PQI Podcast we welcome guests from Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute (FCS). Guests include Ray Bailey, RPh, Senior VP of Pharmacy, Katherine Hogan, RPh, Rx To Go Director of Pharmacy, and Natasha Khrystolubova, RPh, BCOP, Rx To Go Director of Pharmacy Clinical Services.

FCS is the one of the largest independent medical oncology/hematology practices in the United States with over 250 physicians and 220 nurse practitioners and physician assistants. They provide oncology care in the community setting at almost 100 locations. Rx To Go is the in-house pharmacy for FCS and provides convenient dispensing and delivery of oral oncology medications to FCS patients. Rx To Go is staffed by qualified pharmacists and trained support personnel and assists their patients in achieving optimal clinical outcomes while effectively managing the cost of therapies.

Our guests discuss Medically Integrated Dispensing, the growth of their pharmacy, providing patient-centered care, and staff training for customer service.

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