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    I am inquiring information regarding proper PPE while compounding HD products. A little background, been in pharmacy since 2003, lead IV compounding trainer and lead compounding competency technician, and have been working in oncology for the last seven years. With the implementation of USP <800> our pharmacists manipulate the verbiage.

    I have been requesting the use of N95 fit tested respirator masks for compounding any form of HD products. The pharmacists claim that it is not a requirement to have anything more than a paper thin surgical mask. Even though <800> specifically states that surgical masks do not provide respiratory protection to HD products.

    Is this something that is nation wide? That no one uses respiratory protection while compounding? I am personally concerned about my health and feel like the department is trying to simply save money, at the risk of their hazardous compounder. We currently are given the most paper thin masks and I don’t feel safe honestly.

    Any insight would be wonderful. It feels like a battle I can not seem to win.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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