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    Hey all,


    For those practices that currently keep track of how much they have saved patients on oral chemotherapy drugs either via Grant or drug company:

    1) What program/spreadsheet are you tracking it on (excel,word, etc.)?

    2) How are you tracking the savings:

    a- By the amount the grant approval is for.

    b- By the amount the copay is for drug per month for patient.

    c- By the amount the drug is retail cost per month.

    I am currently investigating this for our practice and I was not sure how some practices track this.

    Please email me personally at if you would like!



    Hi Marsha!

    We currently use our prescription software to run a report and export to excel. We track monthly, using current copay, copay card payment, or grant payment. That being said, we’ve noticed that the first quarter typically have higher savings, and third quarter has more referrals to manufacturer’s patient assistance programs as grants are closed due to lack of funds.

    NCODA’s pharmacy tech group, OPTA, is developing a better tracking tool on excel.


    I use a spreadsheet to track total dollar amount saved by the patient which includes: grant awards, copay card (max annual amount), free drug programs (total annual drug cost).



    We use an excel sheet as well for foundation grants that keeps track of:

    Name, Diagnosis, Foundation, Balance, Expiration, Income Information and Email address.

    We also keep track of the balance and expiration on the patients’ profile in the prescription software. Our software is able to pull a report on the dollar amount that came from funding and co-pay cards and how many patients we had to get manufacturer assistance for.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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