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    Hey everyone, thank you for joining Rebecca and I for our presentation.  I know there were many chats and some questions that came thru, but while we are presenting it is impossible to answer those questions that came directly or privately, or to answer what wasn’t brought up but we want to make sure they are addressed.  I was able to copy all of the chat and will do my best to start answering those questions here:

    Kara Sammons asked: do you as a tech and/or your tech team write the indication for the drugs? Did I understand that right?

    -Kara yes, I do add the indication on the prescription labels with the permission of the providers.  Becki

    Katherine Hogan asked: Can you clarify that your group is a physician dispensing pharmacy that is governed by the medical board and Rx to Go is a retail pharmacy governed by the board of pharmacy? For example, by law our techs cannot add an indication to the label on their own because it is considered a clinical task.

    -Katherine, we are a physician dispensing pharmacy that is governed by the medical board.  Rebecca would have to verify if they are a retail pharmacy governed by the board of pharmacy.  In my setting, I am actually not recognized by my state as a Pharmacy Technician because I do not work in a “pharmacy” however, they saw the value in hiring someone with extensive experience and knowledge of the pharmacy world.  I am considered a member of the clinical staff and work very closely with our team and there is a tremendous amount of trust in what I do.  Everything I do is signed off on by the providers and they have granted me the authority to add that information to the labels and often remember to use that additional information when writing prescriptions. Becki

    Kathlynn Breeden asked: Do you find that sometimes the patient has changed how they take their medication due to something the doctor told them to do but you were not aware?

    -Kathlynn, in my practice this was a huge problem.  I have educated the physician the importance of sending a new prescriptions every time there is any changes made, especially those that are filled outside of our practice.  We also implemented a duplicate sheet that the provider is to write down any changes for the patient, and the copy goes to the nurse to ensure this gets documents and that they follow up on the new prescription since dictating typically happens at the end of the day.  This has really almost eradicated the problem for us. Becki

    Linda Grimsley asked: Do you have any accreditations?

    -Linda, our dispensing pharmacy does not but our practice is QOPI certified. Becki

    Billings Clinic asked: Have you found it hard working without a pharmacist for dose modifications for oral or infusion?

    -I have not found it difficult to work without a pharmacist as I am very much a clinical pharmacy technician and have an active role on our clinical team.  In fact, the transition into more oral treatments is something that my background in pharmacy has been a great asset to our practice. Becki

    Brandi asked: How do you address those that are mandated to SP?

    -Brandi, I treat them the same as if I were filling them here.  They go on my calendar and they get the same chart evaluation as all my other patients. Becki


    Thank you all for the great interaction and feedback.  We hope to continue this conversation and give everyone an opportunity to share their best practices.

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