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    Hi Everyone,

    At my practice, I am the one that completes and submits patient assistance applications to drug companies.

    Over the course of the year, I’ve noticed the drug companies have been reaching out less and less if something is missing, or  if they have any update with the application.

    Just today, I called to follow up on two different application to two different drug companies, and even though they had all of the information, they still did not submit the application further so a decision could be made. It makes me wonder, had I not called to check on the application, how much time could have passed with the application not being processed.

    I wonder if anyone else has noticed a difference in quality of care in terms of the patient assistance programs?


    I have noticed that there are still programs that are stating they are backed up by 1-2 weeks. It disappoints me so much because I understand there is a job to do, and it is a big company so they should have the man power to process these applications. It really rubs me the wrong way when I feel they don’t take the patient’s diagnosis seriously. I am so glad that I am not the only one that follows up multiple times to see where the application is at in the process. I follow up every 3 days when I send an application in so I know it is being worked on.

    It also does help that when I send in an application to a drug company, I write in big letters PROCESS ASAP or PROCESS URGENT. It actually helps at some companies! Some companies like Novartis will come back and say to use a foundation first, and before I even send in the application, I will do my research, screenshot the foundations page of closed grant(s) and I will attach it as well so they don’t waste any more time with processing the application.

    I try to do all of the leg work for each application so it expedites the process. There are some companies that it helps, but then there are others that still drag their feet with processing.

    I hope this helps a little.


    Hi Marsha,

    Thank you for your response. Again today, I called a drug company (Lilly) and even though I marked the application as urgent via writing on the application and through a phone a call stating the application was urgent, a week has passed and the application is still not processed.

    I think the best solution is to mention it to the drug reps. I’m not sure if you meet or have contact with them, but I will definitely be passing the information along.

    We all know drug companies are making plenty of money, so providing an adequate patient assistance program shouldn’t be this complicated.


    Hey again!

    I recently had an issue with Lilly Care Foundation. I had faxed a patient’s application 3 times since 03/29/2019 with 3  Reps telling me that they have not gotten to that date yet and to check back later for status. It was yesterday 04/15/19 that I talked with a rep named Janelle that actually cared about the whereabouts of this patient’s application since I had faxed it 3 times already. She gave me an alternate number to fax to. I have been told that this alternate number is swamped with refill faxes, BUT you HAVE to call ahead and get a rep on the phone either immediately after sending or right before sending to this fax number: 844-431-6650 and they will pull it out of that queue and work on it. I have been told that they were having many issues with faxes not coming in. I am not sure if this is the same issue on your end for your patient, but after I explained we had been waiting until 03/29/19 for this to be processed, she marked it urgent and the patient was approved as 04/15/2019 at 4pm for Verzenio. I hope this helps you. I know it did for me and the patient. Most of the drug reps do not dip their hands into that type of issue. They usually refer us to their management and some prefer to stay out of it entirely.


    Hi Marsha and Michelle,

    I also had issues with BMS for a while trying to get Sprycel, but that seemed to have resolved.  We have some pretty good reps who are willing to go the extra mile for us when we have delays, especially our Imbruvica rep.   It really is awful the delays that are happening with the free drug programs, I wish they were all as fast and efficient as Xtandi.  Thank you for sharing this information!!!





    Typically with any kind of patient assistance applications, I call daily. I no longer trust any establishments to follow up as they promise. If I find that there is little or no time and the patient needs help right away, I can sometimes contact the rep and get to the MSL for further assistance. There have been instances where the rep was able to provide a one-time voucher on commercial/medicare patients, that we were ultimately able to fill for the first time. I know that sometimes reps can come off as annoying, but in these instances, they can be lifesavers…literally.

    Mary Annjanette

    Hello, I always make it a point to e-mail or call my reimbursement rep, not the usual sales rep, to let them know that I have submitted the PAP form.  I will usually call as I never want to give PHI through an e-mail, and give them the patient initials, DOB and prescribing MD.  Reimbursement reps have access to someone at foundation that can  give them up to date status and usually push your case through.


    Hi Mary Annjanette, that is a great practice.  Thanks for sharing how that methodology helps you resolve these patient assistance cases more efficiently; an inside reimbursement or market access rep is key


    Here are a couple handy charts that I use to help determine what foundations I might be able to get a patient enrolled in.  Some foundations are 400% over the poverty limit, others are 500%.  I print the chart and have it taped on my desk so I can make a split decision about which program I am going after if multiple are open.



    I”ve learned that almost every PAP program pretty much just files their faxes away until someone calls them.  I’ve had a really difficult time getting them to do patient follow up over the course of this year – Lilly is by far the worse

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