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    I have asked Flatiron to adjust the cycle length of their NCCN regimens to coincide with how an oral drug is supplied. For example, osimertinib comes in a 30 day supply yet Flatiron builds a 28 day cycle length. The physicians often end up ordering a 28 day supply and we have to go back and forth to get a 30 day supply on the prescription.

    As we all know, audits are frequent and dispensing more qty that the Rx is written for can result in a claw back of many thousands of dollars.

    Every package insert provides the qty. per bottle and this could be used when the regimen is being built.  If you agree this this could become an audit issue, please send a request to Flatiron asking if cycle length for oral drugs could be built to reflect the drug bottle size  in the NCCN regimens.

    thanks Linda Frisk, PharmD.


    Hi Linda.


    We also use Flatiron, but I custom build our treatment plans and don’t utilize the NCCN Regimens.  Helps alleviate these issues and I don’t find it takes too much additional time.


    Hope this helps!

    Lisa Raff, PharmD


    Hi Linda,

    We do not use the system built (or pre built) regimens in OncoEMR either. We take the painstaking, back breaking, soul crushing time to enter everything manually… So, we have not had these issues.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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