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    Due to current cost saving measures I have been asked to try to come up with a unit of measure to capture productivity for oral chemotherapy treatment(s). The infusion pharmacy can capture a measurable unit for infusion productivity from a patient drug charge, however the oral chemotherapy treatments are not captured this way. We use EPIC as our EMR system. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Hey there,

    We use McKesson IKnowMed for our EMR system. I would talk with your account manager to run a report for all oral chemotherapy medications that have been prescribed from the clinic. They can do it for a certain date range. The report would be pulled from the EMR and also from e-scribing areas to give a full scope of what has been dispensed from your clinic. This report can take time- usually turn around time is about 7 days from the initial request of the report for my account manager to complete it.  After glancing at the report, please be sure to ask for an excel copy as the report might have tons of duplicates. You should be able to condense it to a smaller list if you delete duplicates.

    Now if this is just for the items you dispense in the MID, you can do the same above, but I would also include the manager have another report ran for how many your MID captures out of all RX’s sent.   You should also be able to pull a report off of the site you order drugs from to show what has been purchased.

    I hope this helps! -Marsha

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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