2022 National NCODA Spring Forum – Atlanta, GA – April 27-29

Each spring, NCODA addresses the growing need for dispensing cancer clinics by hosting a national workshop-oriented educational event, bringing oncology care professionals together to learn and share information about advances in patient care focused on improving pharmacy operations.

The NCODA Spring Forum is a 2 1/2 day event offering opportunities for active participation of member attendees through hands-on workshops and interactive discussions. Workshops and presentations focus on advancing the value of dispensing practices for community oncology professionals.

NCODA’s Mission is to empower the medically-integrated oncology team to deliver positive, patient-centered outcomes by providing leadership, expertise, quality standards and best practices.

Thank you to all that participated in the 2021 National Spring Forum. It was an exciting and packed few days of virtual education and collaboration that we are grateful for the opportunity to share. We hope to see everyone in-person at our 2022 Spring Forum in Atlanta, GA on April 27-29.

Read ForumRewind (recap articles from the meeting) HERE.

Dr. Debra Patt, MD, PhD, MBA (Texas Oncology) discusses details about NCODA's 2021 Virtual Spring Forum.

Armando Chavez, PharmD (Texas Oncology) discusses details about NCODA's 2021 Virtual Spring Forum - Spanish.

Use the links below to download posters from our 2021 Spring Forum:

Safety Profile of Ripretinib

UMBRALISIB Tolerability and Associated Cost Burden of Adverse Events

Quality of Life Outcomes With Futibatinib Treatment in FOENIX-CCA2

A Budget Impact Assessment of Trilaciclib

Quality of life (QoL) and self-reported function with ripretinib Analyses from INVICTUS

Myelopreservation with Trilaciclib

Underreporting of Adverse Events and Improper Disposal

Long-Term Safety Profile Fostamatinib

The Direct Medical Costs of Treatment Discontinuation

Treatment of Immune Thrombocytopenia in the COVID-19 era Fostamatinib

Sexual Satisfaction with Phexxi AMPOWER Clinical Trial

Perfect-Use Pregnancy Rates with Phexxi AMPOWER

Impact of a Pharmacist Led Hypertension Protocol for oral chemotherapy

Selinexor supportive care in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Selinexor supportive care in multiple myeloma

NCODA- National Webinar (Spring 2021)

NCODA-Positive Quality Interventions

Cannabinoids- Uses and Interactions

NCCN- ASCO NCODA Standards 2021

NCODA TSK (Spring 2021)


LeFebvre- Interprofessional Collaboration to Develop Patient Education Tools for Oral Oncolytics

Borrelli, McGladrigan-Oral Oncolytic Prescribing and Expenditure Trends

Pupi, Gowani- Intrathecal Non-Opioid Analgesics in Cancer Pain

NCODA-PARP Inhibitor Maintenance Therapy Utilization

Arefyev-Oral Chemotherapy adverse events based on OCE

Russell-The increased approval of oral oncolytics

Stepanek, Jekielek- Incidence rate vs Death rate

Atkins-Oncology Education Pharmacy Students

NCODA-Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Bratek-Polypharmacy in Geratrics


Impact of Pharmacist Intervention on Patients Initiated on Oral Oncolytics



Chappell NCODA Perfect Use AMPOWER Poster

NCODA Selinexor Project Concept Poster

JADPRO_Poster 2021

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