In an effort to promote higher quality patient care, NCODA created the Positive Quality Intervention (PQI) as a peer-reviewed clinical guidance document for healthcare providers.  By providing Quality Standards and effective practices around a specific aspect of cancer care, PQIs equip the entire multidisciplinary care team with a sophisticated yet simple-to-use resource for managing patients receiving oral or IV oncolytics. The PQI fosters better care for patients through appropriate patient identification, selection, increased speed to therapy, reduced cost and hospitalization and by improving adherence techniques for the patient and their medically integrated teams.

The PQI in Action incorporates opinions and experiences from oncology experts within the medically integrated teams at leading cancer care organizations.  These professionals have successfully implemented medically integrated pharmacies (MIP) as well as the use of Positive Quality Interventions throughout their care teams to improve the clinical outcomes of patients. Utilization of consistent clinical information like that contained within NCODA’s PQI standardizes knowledge exchange and improves clinical communication within an organization.


Use the links below to review or download the following PQI’s in Action.


NCODA recognizes our PQI in Action corporate sponsors who demonstrate their continued commitment and support to helping NCODA members through this beneficial educational platform.