Empowering The Medically-Integrated Community

Medically Integrated Dispensing Pharmacy

NCODA defines a Medically Integrated Dispensing Pharmacy (MIP) as a dispensing pharmacy within an oncology center of excellence that promotes a patient-centered, multidisciplinary team approach. The MIP is an outcome-based collaborative and comprehensive model that involves oncology healthcare professionals and other stakeholders who focus on the continuity of coordinated quality care and therapies for cancer patients.

Why focus on Medically Integrated Dispensing Pharmacy Services?

Oral cancer therapies have radically changed the face of cancer treatment. But with any innovation comes its own set of challenges—specifically, how to get oral oncolytics into patients’ hands. 


How It Works

At practices with their own pharmacies, patients now have the option to pick up prescriptions directly from the clinic. This method, known as MIP, provides better patient outcomes and is substantially more cost-effective when done correctly. With MIP, the provider continues to manage the prescription directly with their pharmacist. The patient simply picks up their prescription from the integrated pharmacy once it’s filled.


This model creates a win-win solution for all stakeholders involved in oral chemotherapy, including patients, practices, employers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, advocacy groups and professional organizations, PBMs, GPOs, foundations, legislators, and state boards of pharmacy.

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Resources Built For The Medically Integrated Oncology Community

NCODA is committed to the development of resources to help the Medically-Integrated Pharmacy and oncology teams deliver top-tier care. These resources include Positive Quality Interventions (PQIs), Oral Chemotherapy Education (OCE) and Intravenous Chemotherapy Education (IVE) sheets, in addition to tools listed on our Member Resources page.  

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NCODA established “Beyond the First Fill,” a benchmark initiative for positive patient care outcomes at the practice level based on NCODA Quality Standards. Beyond the First Fill encourages member practices to adopt NCODA Quality Standards and collaborate with payers and employer groups to authorize the practice’s own medically-integrated pharmacy to dispense oral chemotherapy to their patients.


NCODA is a grassroots, not-for-profit organization founded to strengthen oncology organizations with medically integrated services. During our first decade, we grew from a collective of five practices in New York to become a globally-recognized organization. Our role is to be patient-centered community builders who connect medical teams with the vital information and resources they need.


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