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Elevating Pharmacy Graduates into Oncology Healthcare Leaders

Our NCODA Fellowship Program aims to shape the future of medically integrated pharmacy, advancing both Fellows’ careers and the field itself. In a time of increasing oncology medication approvals, we offer Doctor of Pharmacy graduates a 1-year opportunity to gain specialized exposure, build a vast professional network, and witness our members’ dedication to patient advocacy.


NCODA fellowships are an excellent avenue for Doctor of Pharmacy graduates to create a high-level and specialized skill set. These fellowships provide a foundation for the non-traditional pharmacy career as graduates become valued contributors and leaders in the healthcare field. Our fellowship program provides a diverse range of engaging experiences, including on-site shadowing, precepting opportunities, completing a teaching certificate, training at local medically integrated dispensing practices, connecting with oncology industry professionals to work on patient-centered programs, and more.


Visit and learn from medically integrated oncology practices across the country.

Collaborate and network with leading industry professionals.

Enjoy the resources of a large company with a small-company feel.

Help lead NCODA committees and clinical initiatives.

Collaborate with doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and more across the medically integrated team.

Conduct research based on oncology medications and disease states.

Participate in patient-centered initiatives that create value for medically integrated oncology practices.

Precept APPE student pharmacists.

Opportunity to complete a teaching certificate.

Work with the NCODA University team to produce and present continuing education webinars to membership.

Participate in a variety of presentations and workshops

A doctor of pharmacy talks to a patient, her heada is cocked sympathetically

Oncology | Advocacy | Health Policy and Equity fellowship


  • Completion of a PharmD
  • Letter of Intent
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Official or Unofficial Transcript(s)
  • A minimum of 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • A minimum of 1 Writing Sample


  • Project Management Experience
  • Oncology Familiarity
  • NCODA Professional Student Organization Involvement
  • NCODA Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Participation

My experience as an Oncology | Advocacy | Health Policy & Equity NCODA Fellow has been remarkable due to the dynamic and collaborative nature of the field. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to deepen my understanding of cancer treatments, patient care, and the latest advancements in pharmaceuticals. Working closely with a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, I have the privilege of contributing to the well-being of cancer patients, learning from their resilience, and witnessing firsthand the impact of cutting-edge therapies. This immersive and rewarding environment not only enhances my clinical expertise but also fuels my passion for making a meaningful difference in the lives of those battling cancer, making this fellowship an immensely fulfilling educational journey. The freedom to create initiatives and work with a supportive team is an invaluable experience as it fosters innovation, empowers us to address pressing issues, and catalyzes positive change in cancer treatment.

Zara Imtiaz, PharmD

NCODA Oncology | Advocacy | Health Policy & Equity Fellow

Please contact Austin Starkey, PharmD, MBA, Manager of Operations, with any questions.


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