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As the leading non-profit association for the patient-centered medically integrated oncology community, NCODA’s Center of Excellence Medically Integrated Pharmacy Accreditation Program is committed to empowering pharmacies to deliver positive, patient-centered care by providing leadership, expertise, quality standards, and best practices.

The NCODA Accreditation Program is based on compliance with the ASCO/NCODA Patient-Centered Standards for Medically Integrated Dispensing.


  • First and only accreditation program designed specifically for medically integrated pharmacies
  • Innovative patient-centered standards
    • Without the presence of administrative burdens
    • Designed to improve patient outcomes, enhance quality of services, and decrease costs
  • Provides a framework to foster improvement in medication adherence, reduce waste due to cost avoidance, shorten medication fill times, and improve patient and clinician satisfaction
  • Benefits MIPs through adoption of quality standards and best practices and tracking valuable patient outcomes
  • Eliminates clinical fragmentation through seamless coordination with the patients Care Plan Protocol

Find an NCODA Center of Excellence Medically Integrated Accredited Practice

Even though we have URAC and ACHC accreditation, we decided to pursue NCODA’s accreditation because we felt it would benefit our practice. Not only is NCODA’s accreditation patient-centered and focused, but it also challenges us to be a better medically integrated dispensing pharmacy as it tracks multiple aspects of the patient journey throughout oncology.

Meg Butler, PharmD

Director of Pharmacy Operations, Clearview Cancer Institute

Having gone through another accreditation process, and then seeing the items that are included in the NCODA Accreditation process and standards, it is really what oncology patients should be getting and what oncology practices should be doing. The standards that the NCODA Accreditation is asking for are really exactly what high quality patient care is. Going through the Prime Therapeutics IntegratedRx pilot, we had a patient that gave us high marks. She was having a really hard time filling her medications through her specialty pharmacy that the insurance mandated. Once we were able to start filling medications for her and getting her prescriptions to her within 24 hours, she could not speak highly enough of this new process. This accreditation allows for the best patient care with high quality and improved time to therapy.

Brian Meger, PharmD

Pharmacy Manager, Minnesota Oncology

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