Oral Chemotherapy Education (OCE)

Oral Chemotherapy Education (OCE) is an NCODA conceived, collaboratively executed resource to provide information about oral chemotherapy drugs and their side effects to both cancer patients and caregivers. OCE sheets provide a tool that caregivers can pass on to their patients with cancer to answer drug-related questions and empower patients to become active participants in their cancer treatment.

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The Oral Chemotherapy Education Sheets Initiative

Our OCE resource sheets include not only drug-specific information but also cover other topics related to navigating cancer treatment. For example, OCE sheets can help patients manage treatment side effects, understand common insurance terms, and even track their treatments using a templated specialty treatment calendar. 

Oral Chemotherapy Education

All of our resource sheets are available for print and download. While in their electronic format, the documents are also editable, allowing patients, caregivers, and physicians to customize recommendations or add specific notes and contact information for patient communication.

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Managing Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Having cancer or caring for someone with it can be overwhelming. We believe that finding reliable information about cancer-fighting medications shouldn’t be a difficult and frustrating process. NCODA’s OCE sheets are an easy-to-understand resource to help patients understand the various terms they might read and hear when going through therapy.

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