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The NCODA Quality Standards were created to elevate oncology practices’ performance by focusing on dispensing oral medications in an outpatient setting. These Quality Standards help optimize compliance for patients while allowing practices to be more cost-effective.

We recognize the importance of developing, endorsing, and continually improving these Quality Standards. That’s why NCODA works with experts within oncology practices to make sure we’re serving both patients and practices to the fullest extent. 

NCODA is proud to announce the recent publication of the Patient-Centered Standards for Medically Integrated Dispensing: ASCO/NCODA Standards in the Journal of Clinical Oncology! Learn more HERE.

Patient Focused

When establishing medically-integrated dispensing (MID) services, MID organizations should focus on maximizing patient convenience. This means providing timely access to treatment, ensuring financial support, and delivering individualized patient education and monitoring.

Positive Quality Interventions

Positive Quality Interventions (PQIs) improve patient satisfaction and lead to better outcomes through appropriate patient identification, standardized patient monitoring recommendations,  increased speed to therapy, reduced cost and hospitalization, and improved adherence techniques for the patient and their medically-integrated teams.

Foundational Elements

Implementation of a successful MID service requires careful planning. We specifically created these foundational standards and systems to help MID organizations achieve the highest quality care for patients. In this Quality Standard, we outline the processes, operations, and workflows that support thriving, ongoing operations.

Health Information Technology

NCODA practices are data-driven, using Health Information Technology to accurately manage each patient’s condition and treatment across the entire team. The collaborative relationship that exists within medically-integrated organizations helps patients and physicians manage treatments in real-time. Because of this relationship, patients experience improved quality of care, which includes maximizing the duration of therapy and dose intensity, increasing adherence, reducing adverse drug reactions, and minimizing waste.

A Community Like No Other

A hallmark of NCODA practices is the camaraderie and support provided across the network. Not only do we support our member practices, but they support one another. Together, we’re working towards implementing quality systems that enhance a patient’s oncology journey using oral therapies.


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