We at NCODA wholeheartedly support oncology research and the continued mission to help patients in all facets of care. During our international NCODA meetings, we hold a well-received and growing poster session. Oncology professionals from around the world have submitted posters to be viewed by their peers. Please consider sharing your great work today!

Who can submit a Poster?

Interested participants in the oncology field or experience in an oncology care setting can submit their poster for approval. This includes: Oncologists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Technicians, Industry Professionals, Administrators, Researchers, Graduate Students (Pharmacy, Residents, Health Outcomes etc.)

What topics can be submitted?

We are open to all oncology research including past posters as encore presentations. Poster approvals surround oncology care and/or research. Some examples include: Practice Site Management Techniques, Patient educational techniques, Program initiatives and outcomes, Drug research, NCODA projects and implementations.

How does submission work?

Submissions will be approved through NCODA leadership. NCODA will not hold publishing rights to any external abstracts/information. We simply want to provide a platform for NCODA members to share and learn.

If selected and approved, all non-sponsor-related presenters will need to register as complimentary NCODA members.

When can posters be submitted?

We currently have rolling submissions throughout the year for our Spring and Fall international meetings. Please contact for details on specific deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to submit an abstract?
No abstract is required for NCODA members, however any information provided will be used for approval for the poster session.

What is the format for the poster session?

Our poster sessions are now fully digital! Posters are displayed on large TV screens, rather than traditionally printed posters.

What format do I need to submit my poster in?
PowerPoint (official specs: 16:9 , 1920×1080, 300dpi) or PDF format are preferred. 

Who can author a poster for the NCODA Poster Sessions?
Anyone! Doctor, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Pharmacist, Nurse, Pharmacy Technician, Marketing, Students, Industry Partners, etc.

Do I need to submit an abstract or apply to have my poster featured during the poster reception?
Not at this time.

Is there a submission fee?
Not at this time.

What topics are acceptable for this event?
Anything that would apply to the NCODA Membership (eg. Hematology, oncology, best practices, primary research, etc.).

How should I format my poster?
Format in a PDF or PowerPoint in landscape orientation

  • One slide/page max
  • Official specs: 16:9 or 36.5″W x 20.5″H, 1920×1080, 300dpi
  • Recommended font size: 24-28 point font size (or bigger)
  • Use high quality images (resolution 72 or 96 dpi)
  • No audio, video, or animated effects use permitted
  • Avoid hyperlinks; consider QR codes
  • Please title the file name with the title of the poster

How does the poster reception work?
You will be assigned a 15 min block of time to present your poster, when it is your time to present as the previous presenter for the clicker and advance the slide forward one slide.

Are handouts permitted?
Yes, feel free to bring handouts if you wish, however, NCODA will not cover the cost for printing.

I had something come up and was not able to submit my poster by the deadline, can I still get my poster in? Could I get it on the B-Roll or the website?
No, but we can put you on the roster for the next meeting.


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