January 20, 2023

Katie Edmiston

CAZENOVIA, NY NCODA is pleased to announce two new Center of Excellence (CoE) Medically Integrated Pharmacy (MIP) accreditation offerings: 1) Multi-specialty and 2) Multi-specialty with Oncology Focus. 

Multi-specialty Accreditation is designed for MIPs servicing multiple specialty disease states, and Multi-specialty Accreditation with an Oncology Focus is designed for multi-specialty MIPs with a significant oral oncology patient population. The CoE MIP Accreditation Programs are based on compliance with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)/NCODA Patient-Centered Standards for Medically Integrated Dispensing. The patient-centered accreditation standards focus on medication adherence, patient education and safety, continuous quality improvement, financial assistance, and patient satisfaction.

Eligibility requirements include medical integration and NCODA membership. NCODA membership is complimentary and includes continuing education opportunities, access to international meetings, up-to-date information on emerging trends and legislation, and opportunities to collaborate with other MIPs. NCODA members have access to a vast library of helpful tools and templates that can be used to demonstrate compliance with the NCODA standards.

The NCODA multi-specialty accreditation programs are recognized by Prime Therapeutics (Prime) as an option for MIPs in their IntegratedRx™ programs. The partnership between NCODA, the leading nonprofit association for patient-centered medically integrated oncology practices, and Prime Therapeutics, a diversified pharmacy solutions organization serving health plans, employers and government programs, continues to strive for positive patient outcomes and enables practices to go beyond the first fill.

“We’ve received tremendous feedback since launching the Center of Excellence (CoE) Medically Integrated Pharmacy (MIP) Accreditation in January 2022,” said Elizabeth Bell, NCODA Director of Medically Integrated Pharmacy Accreditation. “Participating MIPs see the value in our patient-centered standards and appreciate the guidance and collaboration they receive from the accreditation team. Our new multi-specialty accreditation programs allow medically integrated pharmacies servicing multiple disease states to benefit from a patient-centered accreditation program without the presence of administrative burdens.”

Training sessions for all three accreditation programs will be available at the NCODA Spring Forum in Indianapolis, IN on March 15, 2023.

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