December 21, 2022

Katie Edmiston


CAZENOVIA, NYNCODA, Inc. is excited to announce the creation of a new and innovative Accredited Medically-Integrated Oncology Pharmacy (MIOP) Residency Program. NCODA worked with cancer centers throughout the United States to provide the program framework and accreditation for this unique residency. 

This accredited program will provide recent pharmacy graduates and practicing pharmacists an exclusive opportunity to engage in a comprehensive one-year accredited training program designed to prepare residents for a successful career in oncology pharmacy. NCODA is now seeking applicants for the 2023 – 2024 program year. Unlike other pharmacy residency programs, where specific oncology training is reserved for the second post-graduate year of training, this MIOP program focuses on providing immediate and direct exposure to the field on day one. 

The purpose of this program is to help participants gain and develop comprehensive skills and knowledge to treat cancer patients with the highest level of care. Upon completion of this accredited residency program, graduates will be highly committed, lifelong learners that are able to adapt to various oncology practice settings. Program graduates will also be empowered healthcare leaders focused on innovating the continuity of cancer care. 

Several leading cancer centers are already participating as residency locations for this new accredited program. Included in the group are Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute (FCS), Texas Oncology, and Hemotology-Oncology Associates of CNY

“At Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, we are at the forefront of oncology care, of which, much pertains to the therapeutics we offer, ranging from those more commonly used to those only available through clinical trials. Providing real-world experience through the NCODA Accredited FCS Pharmacy Residency Program builds on Doctor of Pharmacy education and outcomes while contributing to the development and competency of clinical oncology pharmacists specializing in a medically-integrated oncology practice,” said Roger Orr, PharmD, BCOP, Associate Director of Pharmacy Clinical Services at Rx To Go, LLC and Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute. 

The NCODA Accredited MIOP Residency Program includes 4 comprehensive rotation experiences: 1) Oral Outpatient Oncology Practice (5 Months), 2) IV / Infusion Oncology Practice (5 Months), 3) Pharmacy Business & Leadership (2 Months), and 4) Research (12 Months | Longitudinal). The goals and competencies of each rotation are developed by the rotation preceptors and approved by NCODA’s Residency Review Committee.

“NCODA supports more than 6,500 individual healthcare professionals from close to 1,000 medically-integrated oncology practices worldwide. We have also built a strong network of oncology-focused, dedicated student leaders seeking to advance their careers by pursuing relevant post-graduate training,” said Michael Reff, RPh, MBA, NCODA Founder and Executive Director. “Through our expansive network, we are able to deliver highly qualified candidates to the NCODA Accredited MIOP residency program practice sites. It’s the ultimate win-win; practices add exceptional team members to their staff through a curated applicant pool, and residents receive comprehensive oncology education and streamlined MIOP training from recognized leaders in oncology at cutting edge cancer centers.”




NCODA is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to empowering medically-integrated oncology practices to deliver positive, patient-centered outcomes by providing leadership, expertise, quality standards, and best practices. For more information about NCODA visit or follow @NCODA on LinkedIn.