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Orlando, FL – October 23, 2023 – Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other important clinical and administrative team members, along with partnering pharmaceutical industry representatives from all over the world will gather in Orlando October 25-27 for the NCODA 2023 International Fall Summit to advance best practices and innovations in integrated cancer care. At the heart of the conference is the impact of medically integrated oncology and how coordination of care through a team of professionals is designed to ease the burden on patients and ensure that they feel supported and are receiving the best possible care from a wide range of oncology specialists.

Key topics at the Fall Summit include new treatments and approaches to cancer, training and best practices in oncology pharmacy, precision oncology, reducing waste, social determinants of health, and facing the current challenge of drug shortages.

Former Florida State University standout and retired NFL player, Dr. Myron Rolle, MD, MSc will provide the keynote address on Thursday, October 26, sharing his amazing journey in finding a meaningful life caring for others following his football career. His transition as a neurosurgery resident at Harvard is a testament to the passion of medical professionals and the impact they have on patients.

Over the years, NCODA has emerged as a cornerstone for oncology education and engagement and the Fall Summit epitomizes this leadership, bringing together experts worldwide to foster a collaborative community dedicated to elevating patient care. An estimated 1,000 medical professionals will be in attendance representing 11 countries, including members of the NCODA International Executive Council (IEC). These leaders hail from a wide range of locations and healthcare systems, including Croatia, Morocco, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Sweden, and Greece.

Marko Skelin, MPharm, PhD, Chair of the IEC and Deputy Director of General Hospital Sibenik in Zagreb, Croatia said “Members of the IEC are eager to come together and share what we are seeing in our respective countries to ensure that we can all learn from each other and make a difference in our patients lives. Collaborating is at the heart of oncology and the integrated model, and the NCODA IEC is an example of that in practice.”

“The NCODA Fall Summit is one of the highlights of our year in bringing together so many world-class leaders in the field of medically integrated oncology and pharmacy,” said Michael Reff, RPh, MBA, NCODA Executive Director and Founder. “Each year I am amazed and energized by the innovation and commitment from our members and participants in advancing oncology care while never losing focus on the needs of the patient.”

Natasha Khrystolubova, RPh, BPharm, BCOP, Director of Pharmacy Clinical Services, Rx To Go for Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, and member of the NCODA IEC stated “The level of expertise represented by the approximately 1,000 professionals joining us in Florida for the NCODA Summit is unparalleled. It’s an honor to work with the IEC and shine added focus on the collaboration of the international oncology pharmacist community in positively impacting patient care and clinical outcomes.”



NCODA is a leading medically integrated oncology non-profit organization dedicated to empowering cancer care professionals to deliver positive, patient-centered outcomes through leadership, expertise, quality standards, and best practices. NCODA believes that the coordination of care facilitated through a medically integrated approach enhances quality by engaging all stakeholders on the care team, reduces the opportunity for waste and errors, and avoids needless costs to patients. NCODA offers education and resources to oncology professionals and industry partners through the development of quality standards, best practices, and advocacy. Founded in 2015, NCODA has helped over 3,000 medically integrated practices and over 8,000 medical professionals across the world, in delivering better, personalized oncology care. Our team is a group of committed, patient-centered community builders who connect medical providers with the vital information and resources they need to transform the outcomes of those fighting cancer. For more information, visit www.ncoda.org or follow us on LinkedIn

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