Making the Case for Medically Integrated Dispensing and Better Patient Care

Patients and practices benefit when Cost Avoidance and Waste is reported. The Cost Avoidance & Waste Tracker (CAWT) tool is an innovative platform available to NCODA members to track costs and waste of prescribed drug therapies. It’s easy to use the CAWT and easy to share individual and compiled data to help make the case for your Medically Integrated Dispensary.

Benefits of Cost Avoidance and Waste Tracker

  • Quantifies Cost Avoidance & Waste at your practice
  • Demonstrates benefit of MID to third‐party payers
  • Offers CAWT data for insurance input
  • Demonstrates the benefit of MID institutions

Cost Avoidance

Interventions made before the drug being dispensed to the patient that preclude an unnecessary Rx from being filled and dispensed to the patient.


Drugs that have been processed or prescriptions filled and then for any reason, the drug is not used by the patient.

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