December 8, 2022

Katie Edmiston


CAZENOVIA, NY – The need for oncology-focused pharmacy technician training has increased exponentially with advancements in the oral oncolytic landscape. To empower the entire medically-integrated oncology team and ensure an advanced level of patient care, NCODA’s Oncology Pharmacy Technician Association (OPTA) has launched a new certification program

The purpose of the certification is to expand and advance the knowledge and understanding of oncology pharmacy care, and to do so in a way that is sustainable and promotes higher standards. OPTA, the technician division of NCODA, is the only forum for the global oncology pharmacy technician community and provides a vital voice and resource that empowers healthcare professionals to ensure better patient outcomes. 

“The roles and responsibilities of the oncology pharmacy technician are rapidly expanding especially in the medically-integrated pharmacy setting. Pharmacy technicians need to be equipped with the proper education and knowledge so that we can provide the best care for cancer patients. The OPTA Certified Oncology Pharmacy Technician Program will prepare technicians to set the standard of quality patient care nationwide,” said Taryn Newsome, CPhT, OPTA Coordinator at NCODA. 

To qualify and earn the certification, individuals must be:

  • A nationally certified pharmacy technician practicing in an oncology pharmacy setting for a minimum of 12 months 
  • Or, if not nationally certified, must be practicing in oncology for a minimum of 24 months

The certification program is built on accessibility and affordability, with high-quality, evidence-based learning that focuses on the patient. Michael Reff, RPh, MBA, NCODA Founder and Executive Director said, “NCODA and OPTA are centered on reaching healthcare professionals across the world to provide tools, resources, and relevant education. This new certification will benefit all patients and stakeholders in the oncology care continuum.”  



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