Beginning February 14, 2022, there is a new NDC number for TIBSOVO® (72694-0617-60)*, the old NDC number was 71334-0100-01. SERVIER has new product packaging. The product itself remains the same. Listed below are pictures of the updated product packaging and ordering information.

Updated Product Ordering Information:




New NDC #


(ivosidenib tablets)

250 mg tablet

60 tablets/bottle

Servier Pharmaceuticals

10 Digit # 72694-617-60

(11 Digit # for ordering 72694-0617-60)

*Per the TIBSOVO® label, the NDC code is 10 digits. We are supplying the 11-digit code for ordering convenience.


Updated Product Label and Packaging:

The ordering process for TIBSOVO® remains the same.

For full prescribing information regarding TIBSOVO®, please see accompanying PI or visit

Servier understands the importance of supplying product to our patients and are committed to ensuring there will be no interruption in supply. We look forward to working with you.