Smilow Cancer Hospital – Yale New Haven Health

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Department of Pharmacy is to provide high value, patient-centered care. We will promote best practices that drive safe, effective, and timely medication therapy through all transitions of care. We will cultivate collaboration, innovation, education and career growth through employee engagement and practice advancement initiatives.


Our main Cancer Hospital is located in New Haven, Connecticut. There are 12 cancer care centers located throughout Connecticut that are part of the Smilow Cancer network. Smilow supports cancer programs within four community hospitals that are a part of the Yale New Haven Health System.

Practice Details:

Providers: ~250

Oncology pharmacists: ~70

Total pharmacy staff: ~136


  • NCI-Designated Cancer Center
  • NCCN Network Member Institution
  • ASCO QOPI Certified

Pharmacy Services Staff

Oncology Pharmacy Investigational Services  
Oncology Management Team  
Smilow NP-8 Pharmacy Technician Team       

The Smilow Cancer Hospital and Cancer Care Network is both a NCI designated and NCCN member institution. Oncology pharmacy specialists provide care to adult and pediatric cancer populations in both inpatient and ambulatory settings. Our integrated patient centric pharmacy care model provides advanced clinical support that addresses patient care needs and includes pharmacotherapeutic medication management, therapeutic drug monitoring, pharmacokinetic dosing, drug information, system management, supportive care and both patient and staff education.

The oncology pharmacy compounds and dispenses over 600 chemotherapy infusions per day. Oncology clinical pharmacists and oncology pharmacy technicians work collaboratively with all healthcare providers to provide safe, cost-effective drug therapy and optimize outcomes in patients with malignant diseases.

Dispensing Type

We offer hospital pharmacy dispensing services. We also have a specialty pharmacy off-site that handles all oral chemotherapy and some home discharge medications.

Services Provided

  1. Hematology oncology
  2. Medical oncology
  3. Gynecology oncology
  4. Pediatric oncology
  5. Bone marrow transplant
  6. Radiation oncology
  7. Surgical oncology
  8. Research program (Phase I, II, III)
  9. Immunology

Why did you join NCODA?

In discussions with Mike Reff, NCODA Founder and Executive Director, Howard Cohen was very impressed with the organization. He also attended the NCODA Spring Forum in Dallas, TX and was impressed with the presentations, audience, and overall program. We feel that NCODA is addressing an area that is in dire need – oral chemotherapy. We also like that NCODA is involving supportive staff (i.e. pharmacy technicians, nurses, etc.) within their organization.

How did you become a member?

By connecting with Mike Reff and applying via the NCODA website (www.ncoda.org).

How did you hear about us?

Howard Cohen heard about NCODA through Mike Reff.

Sam Abdelghany heard about NCODA through his colleague Howard Cohen.

How can NCODA help you?

NCODA can help us by continuing to offer opportunities to network with professionals within oncology (i.e. national meetings). The national meetings offer us the opportunity to learn from others and to promote the work that they have done and are currently doing.

How would you like to be more involved with NCODA?

We would like to be involved in different committees and projects, and any activities that continue to support members and patients. We would like to have an active role in NCODA!

What are some challenges you face now or will face in the future?

One challenge that we face currently is the regulatory issues with compounding as it relates to USP 797 and USP 800. Another current challenge is staffing, and finding quality oncology-trained staff (i.e. highly trained pharmacy technicians that understand the compounding components and handling of hazardous drugs). A challenge that we will face in the future is increasing drug cost and continuing to provide support to our patients through medication assistance programs.



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