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Supporting the Entire Cancer Care Team

NCODA initiatives are specifically designed to help support all health professionals associated with cancer care, not just oncologists. Our initiatives support the entire medically-integrated team from pharmacists, physicians, and nurses to pharmacy technicians and administrators.

a young doctor listens to an older patient's lungs using a stethoscope

Improving Patient Outcomes Through Collaborative Care

NCODA’s patient-centered initiatives help improve patients’ continuity of care, support cancer care professionals, and promote a collaborative community environment. These initiatives help us create innovative patient care tools—treatment Support Kits, Positive Quality Interventions, and OCEs—and quantify MID services’ benefits for practices around the world.
an image representing the cost avoidance waste tracker, one of the ncoda initiatives

Cost Avoidance Waste Tracker

The Cost Avoidance & Waste Tracker (CAWT) tool is an innovative platform that allows NCODA members to track costs and waste of prescribed drug therapies. By making it easy to share individual and compiled data, the tool helps make a case for your Medically Integrated Dispensary.

PQIs / PQIs In Action

The NCODA Positive Quality Interventions (PQIs) are peer-reviewed clinical guidance documents for healthcare providers. These PQIs equip the entire multidisciplinary care team with a sophisticated yet simple-to-use resource for managing patients receiving oral or IV oncolytics.

Treatment Support Kit

NCODA collaborated with its members to develop the industry standard in Treatment Support and Starter Kits for branded and generic oral oncolytics. Treatment Support Kits contain information and products intended as a resource for patients undergoing treatment. We have Treatment Support Kit recommendations available for over 70 oral oncolytics.

Oral Chemotherapy Education (OCE) Sheets

Oral Chemotherapy Education (OCE) is an NCODA conceived, collaboratively-executed resource to provide information about oral chemotherapy drugs and their side effects to both cancer patients and caregivers.

a graphic shows how NCODA initiatives connect cancer care teams

NCODA Initiatives

A Free Resource For Health Professionals Associated With Cancer Care

Our committee-led initiatives are a collaborative effort to optimize operations for dispensing practices and medically-integrated cancer care teams. Ready to help create the future of oral oncolytics?