June 29th 2021


STATEMENT FROM NCODA Legislative & Policy Advisory Committee
Contact: Kevin Scorsone | NCODA Legislative & Policy Liaison
Phone: (919) 903-2057


June has been filled with announcements and progress in the world of oncology at state legislatures throughout the United States. 

The Governor of Louisiana recently signed legislation that would prohibit “white bagging”. The term “white bagging” relates to drugs that are delivered to an oncology practice from an insurance provider’s preferred pharmacy. This practice is another example of limiting patients timely access to their preferred medication and has increasingly caused concern to the safety and well-being of patients.

NCODA applauds the decision by the Louisiana state legislature and the Governor to prohibit “white bagging” throughout the state. This law will guarantee that health insurance companies cannot refuse to pay for drugs that have been prescribed by physicians to insured Louisiana patients. This is a momentous bill signing and marks the first of its kind in the U.S.
NCODA has featured discussions on “white and brown bagging” at our Fall Summit and Spring Forum and those conversations were focused on the pitfalls of the onerous practice of drugs being supplied by an outside entity to practices, including treatment delays, excessive waste, burdensome inventory management  and other factors that disrupt patient care. 

It is our hope that legislative victories such as this will start a chain reaction in other states that will continue to focus on improving patient outcomes, and put  patients’ needs and well-being at the forefront of care. 

NCODA will continue to update our membership with any additional details and progress made with this issue.