June 18th 2021

STATEMENT FROM NCODA Legislative & Policy Advisory Committee
Contact: Kevin Scorsone | NCODA Legislative & Policy Liaison
Phone: (919) 903-2057


Earlier this week the North Carolina Senate unanimously approved a bill to regulate Pharmacy Benefit Managers and provide better access to medications for oncology patients. The bill was introduced as Senate Bill 257 and passed with a vote of 45 to 0; there was no debate and no opposition to this bill prior to the vote.

The main focus of this bill is to protect patients and to mitigate the overpayment on fees and eliminate the problem patients encounter when trying to fill prescriptions at their pharmacy of choice.  It would also stop PBM’s from dictating to pharmacies whether or not they could fill certain medication for patients. There are currently over 30 PBM’s in the state of North Carolina.

The bill will now be put before the house for a vote. The NC State Legislature is hopeful that it will pass with similar in the house and then go to Governor Roy Cooper’s desk for signature.

NCODA is encouraged with the continual progress that has been made in the state legislatures throughout the country to regulate PBM’s. We have seen similar progress in recent weeks in states such as Texas, New York, Oklahoma and Tennessee. The more legislation that is put into place to regulate PBMs and raises awareness for the oncology community, will make life easier for cancer patients who deserve the best access to care to enable them in their fight against cancer.

NCODA will continue to monitor this bill and will report the progression of this bill in the house as more details become available.

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