The PQI Podcast, presented by NCODA, Inc., hosts clinical and administrative experts in oncology providing insight on important industry topics and how they value the Positive Quality Intervention (PQI) resource for their practice. In addition, the podcast highlights patient stories of hope, determination and how patient-centered care has impacted their cancer journey. 
Hosted by NCODA’s Senior Manager of Clinical Initiatives, Ginger Blackmon, PharmD.

Season 5 Ep. 15: The Mindful Body : Thinking Our Way to Chronic Health with Ellen J. Langer, PhD

This week, on The PQI Podcast season 5 finale, we sit down with  Ellen J. Langer, Ph.D., to discuss her most recent book, THE MINDFUL BODY: Thinking Our Way to Chronic Health, and her mindfulness work in oncology.

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Dr. Langer was the first woman to be tenured in psychology at Harvard, where she is still professor of psychology. The recipient of three Distinguished Scientists awards, the Arthur W. Staats Award for Unifying Psychology, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and the Liberty Science Genius Award, Dr. Langer is the author of twelve other books, including the international bestseller Mindfulness, as well as The Power of Mindful Learning, Counterclockwise and On Becoming an Artist. Her trailblazing experiments in social psychology have earned her inclusion in The New York Times Magazine’s “Year in Ideas” issue. She is known worldwide as the “mother of mindfulness” and the “mother of positive psychology.”

Season 5 Ep. 14: Li-Fraumeni Syndrome with Erica Kirschner and Jenn Perry

On this week’s episode of The PQI Podcast, we sit down with Erica Kirschner and Jenn Perry to discuss Li-Fraumeni Syndrome and the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Association.

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Erica is a former educator who has been undergoing treatment for metastatic breast cancer for the past eleven years. After being diagnosed at 27, she was referred for genetic testing and found to have Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. LFS is a hereditary TP53 variant that predisposes children and adults to a wide array of cancers. She currently works with the nonprofit Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Association as a patient advocate.

Jenn is a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed with Li-Fraumeni syndrome. She is the President of the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Association. Through the association, Jenn knew she had finally found an avenue to make a difference and effect change in an area that has affected not only many members of her family but many families around the world. She envisions a world someday where her children, grandchildren, and future family won’t have to live in fear of the disease we know as cancer.

You can find more information on the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Association here.

Season 5 Ep. 13: MIOP Residency & Capecidabine with Natalie Kaufman, PharmD

On this week’s episode of The PQI Podcast, we sit down with Natalie Kaufman, PharmD to discuss NCODA’s Medically Integrated Oncology Pharmacy Residency Program and the recent Capecitabine: A New Approach to Dosing and Side Effect Management Positive Quality Intervention.

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Natalie is originally from Syracuse, New York. She graduated with her PharmD from Regis University in Denver, Colorado, this past April and is continuing her education as a Medically Integrated Oncology Pharmacy resident at Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute. Oncology has always been Natalie’s passion.

You can find the PQI here.

You can find information on NCODA’s MIOP Residency Program here.

For more information on the residency program please contact Cooper Bailey.

Season 5 Ep. 12: Exploring Intravenous Iron Products for Anemia Associated with Chemotherapy and Cancer with Nate Ramsbacher, PharmD

On this week’s episode of The PQI Podcast, we sit down with Nate Ramsbacher, PharmD, to discuss Exploring Intravenous Iron Products for Anemia Associated with Chemotherapy and Cancer.

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Nate is a pharmacist and faculty member at Washington State University in Spokane, Washington. He completed his Doctor of Pharmacy education at the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy and completed residency training at Providence St Patrick Hospital in Missoula, Montana. He has been involved with NCODA since he was a PSO student. 

Today’s podcast is available to pharmacists for CE credit and is worth 0.5 credits. You can find the CE registration link in the show notes. Be sure to listen for the CE Code given in the podcast to access the post test and evaluation. The objectives for today’s discussion are:

  • To Differentiate the various intravenous (IV) iron products, including appropriate use.
  • To Summarize clinical pearls associated with IV iron therapy.
  • To Explain the current status and mitigation strategies for drug shortages with regards to IV iron.


To obtain CE credit please visit:


Season 5 Ep. 11: City of Hope Survivorship with Erica Marchese , PharmD, MHA, BCPS, BCOP, BCSCP, and The COH Team

On this week’s episode of The PQI Podcast, we sit down with Erica Marchese PharmD, MHA, BCPS, BCOP, BCSCP, Alexandria Callahan, LCPC, BC-DMT, GLCMA, and Jen Mikes from City of Hope Chicago to discuss Cancer Survivorship, exploring their respective roles, the pharmacist’s vital contribution to survivorship, and the remarkable patient programs they offer.

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Erica has been with the City of Hope Chicago (formerly Cancer Treatment Centers of America) for 14 years in various roles within the organization. She is currently the Director of Pharmacy. Erica is an avid runner outside of work and has run four marathons, including the Chicago and New York Marathons.

Alexandria is the supervisor of the Behavioral Health department at the City of Hope, Chicago, where she actively assists with therapeutic programming, survivorship support programs, and sexual wellness. Callahan is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and earned a Master of Arts degree in dance/movement therapy and counseling from Columbia College in Chicago, followed by a Graduate Laban Certificate in Movement Analysis (GLCMA) from the school.

Jen Mikes is the Manager of the Cancer Fighters Program at City of Hope. She is a 5-year cancer survivor. You can find the Cancer Fighters here:



This episode is brought to you by Eagle Pharmaceuticals. To learn more about Eagle’s oncology portfolio, please visit eagleus.com.

Season 5 Ep. 10: Pharmacy Path and NCODA Venetoclax Resources with Collin Dempsey, PharmD, BCPS

On this week’s episode of The PQI Podcast, we sit down with Collin Dempsey, PharmD, BCPS to discuss his path into oncology pharmacy, his clinic and pharmacy processes, and the NCODA Venclexta resources.

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Collin has been a pharmacist in New York State for ten years and is currently a hematology/oncology pharmacist working in the SUNY Upstate Outpatient Specialty Pharmacy. His program is medically integrated with a large teaching hospital in Syracuse, NY, attached to the region’s largest and most comprehensive cancer center, as well as 3 satellite clinics throughout central and northern New York State.

 The NCODA venetoclax resources can be found here: 





Season 5 Ep. 9: Health Advocacy with Kafilat Salawu, DNP, FNP-C, AOCNP, BCPA

On this week’s episode of The PQI Podcast, we sit down with Kafilat Salawu, DNP, FNP-C, AOCNP, BCPA, and delve into the vital role of healthcare advocates, explore how Kafilat’s personal experiences were influenced by the complexities of navigating healthcare systems with cultural variances and language barriers. Additionally, we uncover how Kafilat’s dedication to healthcare advocacy was ignited by witnessing a sibling battle with a serious illness and another diagnosed with cancer.

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Kafilat is a compassionate healthcare pioneer with a profound commitment to transforming lives and advocating for health equity. Born in Nigeria and later migrating to the USA, her journey was marked by the challenges of navigating healthcare systems with cultural and linguistic variances. However, it was a life-altering moment, witnessing her close family member’s severe illness and another’s cancer diagnosis, that kindled her enduring passion for becoming a healthcare professional and advocate.

Drawing from her multifaceted background as a caregiver, patient, and healthcare professional, Kafilat possesses a unique perspective that fuels her dedication to addressing disparities in healthcare. She keenly recognized the pressing need for culturally sensitive care and equitable, quality treatment, inspiring her to establish Fides Health Advocates, LLC. Fides stands as a beacon of hope in the healthcare landscape, bridging the gap between patients and the healthcare system. Their unwavering mission is crystal clear: to provide steadfast support, guidance, and advocacy deeply rooted in trust, understanding, and compassionate care. For more information about Fides Health Advocates, please visit their website:     


Season 5 Ep. 8: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Jessie Huisken

This week, in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we sit down with Jessie Huisken to discuss her daughter Phinley’s story and her book, Surviving to Thriving, Living Your Best Life with a Hospitalized Child

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Jessie has a BSW and worked extensively in child welfare and hospital settings before earning her credentials as an Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist. She worked as an independent developmental therapist until her daughter Phinley’s cancer diagnosis in 2021. For the following year, Jessie lived with Phinley in multiple pediatric hospitals across the US until Phinley’s passing in 2022, just hours before her 5th birthday.

You can find Jessie’s book here
You can find more information on Phinley’s Phund here.
You can connect with Jessie via Facebook through Jessie Huisken or Living Life Phinley-Kate Style.

Season 5 Ep. 7: Healthy Cancer Comeback with Fitz Koehler

On this week’s episode of The PQI Podcast, we sit down with Fitz Koehler to discuss her personal story and her book Your Healthy Cancer Comeback: Sick to Strong

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Fitz Koehler of Fitzness.com is the author of multiple books, including My Noisy Cancer Comeback, Your Healthy Cancer Comeback: Sick to Strong, and the Healthy Cancer Comeback Journal. She’s one of America’s most exciting keynote speakers, a premier race announcer, a fitness innovator, and a bonafide cancer crusher. Her company, Fitzness International, has a global reach, as Fitz is a regular on television, radio, and stages worldwide.

You can visit her website here.
You can purchase her book on Amazon here.

Season 5 Ep. 6: Patient Navigation and Triage Cancer with Joanna Fawzy Doran, Esq. and Amy Terhune, RPhT, CPhT, PACS

On this week’s episode of The PQI Podcast, we sit down with Joanna Fawzy Doran, Esq. and Amy Terhune, RPhT, CPhT, PACS to discuss patient navigation and Triage Cancer.

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Joanna Fawzy Morales, Esq. is a cancer rights attorney and CEO of Triage Cancer, a national, nonprofit organization providing free education on practical and legal issues that impact individuals diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers through events, materials, and resources. Joanna has spent nearly 30 years working in the cancer community as an Adjunct Professor of Law and for the John Wayne Cancer Institute’s Psychosocial Care Program. She has presented nearly one thousand seminars on employment, insurance, finances, and advocacy and co-authored a Cancer Rights Law book for the American Bar Association. In 2010, she was recognized by the Los Angeles Daily Journal as one of the Top 20 Attorneys in California Under the Age of 40.

Amy Terhune, CPhT, RPhT, is a Prior Authorization Supervisor at Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute. She has been in pharmacy for 15 years, specializing in Oncology for the last four. Amy is an expert in obtaining prior authorizations for complex Oral oncolytic medications using up-to-date precision medicine to obtain payor approval rapidly, ensuring patients start therapy to avoid unnecessary delays in patient care.

Resources discussed in this episode can be found here:




Practical Guide to Cancer Rights

Season 5 Ep. 5: Childhood Illness with Matt Saylor, PharmD, BCOP

This week we sit down with Matt Saylor, PharmD, BCOP to discuss his personal brain tumor story and his career path into pharmacy. 

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Matt has had a passion for healthcare from an early age and developed his interest in oncology based on many of his personal experiences and a fantastic oncology mentor in school.   Matt earned his Doctor of Pharmacy from The Ohio State University and then went on to complete 2 years of training – PGY1 at the VA in Columbus (OH) and then PGY2 Oncology at Emory in Atlanta.   After residency, he practiced at 2 large IDNs in North Carolina – Wake Forest in Winston-Salem and then Novant Health in Charlotte.  

For the past 5 years, Matt has been a Medical Affairs Director for Health Systems Oncology at Merck, where he gets to blend his interest for advancing the oncology landscape and providing medical information to fellow pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Season 5 Ep. 4: Fertility Preservation with Alice Rhoton-Vlasak, MD and Lauren Staley, ARNP

This week we sit down with Alice Rhoton-Vlasak, MD and Lauren Staley, ARNP to discuss fertility preservation in oncology patients.

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Alice Rhoton-Vlasak, MD, is a board-certified, fellowship-trained reproductive endocrinologist and a professor at the University of Florida Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology working in the division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Many of her clinical efforts have focused on fertility and fertility preservation in cancer patients. She started a program called the UF Health HOPE network. This program has three prongs including research, clinical, and education for all healthcare providers to become familiar with fertility preservation services.

Lauren has worked at the University of Florida in the Division of Pediatric Oncology since 2011, serving as the Pediatric Solid Tumor Coordinator. She completed training through the NIH-funded ENRICH (Educating Nurses about Reproductive Issues in Cancer Healthcare) program. In 2019, Lauren joined the UF Health Reproductive Endocrinology group in the role of Oncofertility
Navigator. Through this initiative, Lauren provides fertility preservation counseling for patients facing a new cancer diagnosis.

Season 5 Ep. 3: The 2% Way with Myron Rolle, MD, MSc

This week we sit down with Myron Rolle, MD, MSc to discuss his book The 2% Way – How a philosophy of small improvements took me to Oxford, the NFL, and Neurosurgery.

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Dr. Rolle is a chief neurosurgery resident and Global Neurosurgery Fellow at Harvard-Massachusetts General Hospital, Rhodes Scholar, author, and former professional football player in the National Football League. He holds a Doctor of Medicine from Florida State University College of Medicine, a Master of Science in medical anthropology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Science in exercise science from Florida State University.

He developed and published the Rolle Scoring System, a public health rating scale used to determine a developing country’s governance around helmet safety to prevent traumatic brain injury. He has been recognized by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons for demonstrating the best operative technique in the reconstruction of upper extremity motor function using intercostal nerve transfers after a traumatic brachial plexus injury.

Dr. Rolle is the chairman of the Caribbean Neurosurgery Foundation – a not-for-profit which houses capacity-building and health system-strengthening initiatives for improved neurosurgical care in the Caribbean. His foundation has impacted over 3.5 million people in the Caribbean through the upscaling of policy, service delivery, infrastructure, and workforce development. He is the best-selling author of The 2% Way – How a philosophy of small improvements took me to Oxford, the NFL, and Neurosurgery. You can find his book here.

Season 5 Ep. 2: Oral Cancer Care with Robert M Haberkorn, DDS, MBA, MLD

This week we sit down with Robert M Haberkorn, DDS, MBA, MLD to discuss
oral cancer.

Dr. Haberkorn has been a huge proponent of early diagnosis and awareness of oral cancer and continues his crusade to make the communities he serves aware of the risk factors.
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Dr. Haberkorn graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and attended a surgical mini-residency at Baylor University for dental Implants. Immediately after graduation, he purchased a dental practice and began his career serving his patients in both metro and rural areas. His interest in treating oral cancer patients began in 1987, and he began his oral oncology career providing diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care for the patients within his own practice, as well as those referred to him by other health care providers. He has been a huge proponent of early diagnosis and awareness of oral cancer and continues his crusade to make the communities he serves aware of the risk factors.

Dr. Haberkorn acquired his first laser in 1990 and has since earned his Master’s in Laser Dentistry therapy utilizing soft tissue and hard tissue lasers as innovative treatment modalities for dental issues and for oral cancer patients needing diagnosis, treatment, and post-operative pain relief.
He has earned an MBA from The University of Notre Dame. Dr. Haberkorn is an alumnus of the Pankey Institute, a member of the American Academy of Oral Medicine, The Academy of Laser Dentistry, The American Association of Facial Esthetics, The Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer, The International Society of Oral Oncology, and is currently studying at The University of Florida for additional knowledge for the treatment of patients with Oral Cancer and Oral diseases in their Department of Oral Oncology and Oral Medicine.

You can find more information on the Oral Cancer Foundation here.

Season 5 Ep. 1: About Herbs with Yen Nien (Jason) Hou, PharmD, Dipl.O.M, L.Ac

We’re kicking off season 5 by welcoming Yen Nien (Jason) Hou, PharmD, Dipl.O.M, L.Ac, who shares enlightening insights about the Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Herb information center, a tool for the public and healthcare professionals that can help figure out the value of using common herbs and other dietary supplements.

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Jason is a pharmacist, traditional Chinese medicine herbalist, and coordinator of the herb information center at the Integrative Medicine Service, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  He holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from The State University of New York (SUNY), School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and completed a Postgraduate Year 1 community pharmacy residency, both in Buffalo, New York. He received Master of Science degree from the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, board-certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Jason is a registered pharmacist and licensed acupuncturist in New York State.  His expertise is in the use of dietary supplements and botanical products. Because many cancer patients use herbal supplements, there is an urgent need for reliable information on herb-drug interactions. Jason applies his experience in the areas of pharmacy and botanicals to consult and to educate patients and other healthcare professionals about the proper use of herbs and supplements.

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