Mission Statement:

Southern Oncology Specialists strives to be the first choice for cancer care in our community by being committed to providing evidence based, high quality, compassionate care for all individuals and their families who are affected by cancer.


  • 10030 Gilead Rd Huntersville Suite 290, NC 28078
  • 10320 Mallard Creek Rd Charlotte Suite 100, NC 28262
  • 268 Gillman Rd Denver, NC 28037

Practice Details:

Founded in 2010 by Dr. William Mitchell, Southern Oncology Specialists is a private oncology practice that specializes in patient care that is both advanced and personalized. Our Clinicians are board certified, very specialized in their respective duties, and are able to work with the most recent and effective technological advancements, while our offices use the most sophisticated technology tools and equipment available. Southern Oncology Specialists gives patients the care they need with the compassion they deserve. We currently have 3 medical oncologists and 2 advanced practice providers.


  • URAC accredited pharmacy
  • CLIA certified lab
  • ACR accreditation for Radiology

Pharmacy Services Staff

Chris Kepinski, PharmD, serves as pharmacy manager at Southern Oncology Specialists.


Dispensing Type

  • Retail Pharmacy

Services Provided

  1. Medical oncology
  2. Hematology
  3. On-site IV chemotherapy and supportive care
  4. Radiology
  5. On-site laboratory
  6. Bone marrow biopsies
  7. Survivorship visits
  8. Retail pharmacy
  9. CT
  10. Clinical trials
  11. Financial advocacy

Why did you join NCODA?

We joined to collaborate with community oncology practices/pharmacies to improve patient care. We also want to be able to pool our data with other practices to show payers the benefits of partnering with us and improve our contracting.

How did you hear about us?

We met Jan Montgomery from SCOA and she was giving us some advice on how to move forward with the pharmacy and then introduced us to NCODA

How can NCODA help you?

NCODA can help us by continuing to help practices all across America collaborate and share our innovative ideas to help increase patient outcomes and care.  It helps provide a unified voice for MIDs and makes payers aware of our unique offerings to the healthcare system.

How would you like to be more involved with NCODA?

Southern Oncology Specialists is open to helping NCODA in any way possible. Currently, we are trying to get more staff involved in NCODA to help grow the support, as well as help, develop educational information.

What are some challenges you face now or will face in the future?

Partnering with payers is becoming more difficult. We are in a unique position to have access to all of the patient history, but we face an uphill battle to prove how that translates to cost-savings for payers and better results for patients.