Excellence in Contributing to Care Management Strategies

NCODA member practice Texas Oncology was awarded a PBMI 2018 Excellence Award, demonstrating excellence in contributing to Care Management Strategies for quality improvement with the Medically Integrated Pharmacy Care Model.

NCODA Chair Jim Schwartz, RPh, Executive Director, Pharmacy Operations of Texas Oncology, received the award and said

“We have been working on the medically integrated care model for several years now. The model is patient friendly, cost effective,  and allows for overall advancement of knowledge and identification of improved care for the oncology patient.”


The medically integrated pharmacy services (MIPS) model takes an integrated care approach with healthcare teams (i.e., physicians, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, etc.) who work together to review medical and pharmacy information to provide the right care to help patients’ achieve positive outcomes.

Key program results include: improved medication adherence, avoidance of gaps in care, reduced treatment delay, and fewer adverse patient conditions due to drug therapy side effects.

Learn more about Texas Oncology Care Management Model here.