Mission Statement
Dr. Chirantan Ghosh founded The Ghosh Center with the philosophy of putting the interests of patients first and providing the highest quality of care with compassion and professionalism. Our core philosophy is that patients come first. We stand by the principles:

Beneficence: doing good for our patients
Nonmaleficence: do no harm
Justice: treating patients with honesty and fairness
Autonomy: empowering patients to take an active role in their health care

The Ghosh Center for Oncology & Hematology 1951 51ST St NE Cedar Rapids, IA. 52402
Marengo Memorial Hospital 300 W May St, Marengo, IA 52301
Williamsburg Family Clinic 498 N. Highland Street Williamsburg, IA 52361

Practice Details
Our Providers include: Dr. Chirantan Ghosh, Mindy Martin, ARNP and Dr. Gerald Hagin, who is partially retired.
In addition, our entire office runs because of the hard work and dedication of a small, full time staff.

Services Provided
We started a PreHabilitation program called PhaseOne which includes integrative therapies such as Yoga, Nutrition and plant based cooking classes/demos, light exercise, relaxation techniques and weekly retreats for patients and their caregivers…all free of charge.
Survivorship program – one of the first in the nation designed by our very own, Mindy Martin ARNP
Anna Purna Ghosh Foundation – Started by Dr. Ghosh to help pay for prescriptions. This year patients are reimbursed for up to $1000 plus an additional $300 for a prosthetic such as wigs.
The Blesie Tree – Perpetual giving foundation helping cancer patients with non-medical needs and wants (such as utility bills, groceries, visa gift cards, etc.)
Lowell Batson Resource Lounge/Education Fund – A fund that helps provide educational resources for patients such as our library full of books and videos, treatment binders and computers for use during office hours.
Chairside – Reiki, Nutritional education, healthy food samples, financial counseling and assistance review
LabCorp provides our lab services in house, including bone marrow biopsies

Dispensing type
We are a Medication Dispensary

Pharmacy services
Becki Tinder, CPhT, has been a Pharmacy Technician for over 20 years. She has served as a Technician and a Manager in many practice settings such as Independent, Retail and Hospital pharmacies.  Becki became nationally certified in 2001 and was certified in IV admixture including chemotherapy in 2008.  Joining the Ghosh Center in February 2012, Becki opened the Medication Dispensary.   She provides convenience, comfort and consistency for our patients, which equals compliance and better outcomes overall.  She also handles Inventory Management, Financial Assistance, Prior Authorizations, as well as the admixture of chemotherapy drugs.

Why did you join NCODA?
We joined NCODA because it aligns us with other like practices trying to do what is right for the patient.  Strength in numbers!! In fact, one of our company logos and mantras has always been “Patients First”…seems like a natural fit with our philosophy.

How did you become a member?
We were introduced at a meeting in Atlanta, GA

How would you like to become more involved with NCODA?
We would love to help in any way we can.  We have some very large corporations that write their own benefits and insurance policies that we are working on educating them on the importance of keeping their employees healthy by working with us.

What are some challenges you face now or will face in the future of Oncology?
Our biggest concern is patients being forced into using mail order or specialty pharmacy.  We don’t believe that it is in the best interest of the patient.  There is too much room for error, omission and lack of compliance that will ultimately cost everyone more money.

How can NCODA help you?
We hope that NCODA will help us show the value in what we do to more patients, our peers and payors.  We believe that we are making a difference and hopefully our (NCODA) story will inspire more practices to do the same.