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Two pill bottles containing large white tablets sit in the foreground; in the background a doctor writes a prescription
Two pill bottles containing large white tablets sit in the foreground; in the background a doctor writes a prescription

Photo courtesy of Texas Oncology

Be Part of a global movement

As an NCODA member, we hope you can join us in our important Mission to improve the lives of cancer patients worldwide. By coming together, and each donating just a few minutes of our time, we can create incredible resources that transform the way we – including you – help cancer patients.

As a non-profit, complimentary membership organization, NCODA’s foundation and grassroots approach have empowered thousands of healthcare providers. With your help, more extensive resources can be developed and made widely accessible to any healthcare provider treating cancer patients. NCODA is an incredible community filled with compassionate and collaborative professionals, and with your involvement and insight, you will have your thumbprint on a resource that makes a difference.

“Collaborating with NCODA on a PQI in Action was a great experience and efficient. The clinical team at NCODA made the entire process not only enjoyable but also highly collaborative. By engaging in a series of concise interviews facilitated by NCODA, my practice had the opportunity to contribute to a valuable resource aimed at educating other practices about a specific PQI. I wholeheartedly encourage all NCODA members to partake in this initiative that bolsters the entire medically integrated team and enhances patient care.”

Kaetlyn Parker, PharmD

Cancer Specialists of North Florida

Help Develop Resources That Members & Patients Rely On

The clinical resources we develop are changing lives by providing our members with the information and insights they simply do not have time to research and develop on their own. With the numerous clinical resources that are needed – healthcare professionals like you – can help us in the development of these peer-reviewed, peer-developed clinical documents.

Nebraska Cancer Specialists

Joliet Oncology & Hematology Associates

Texas Oncology

University of Minnesota Health

Positive Quality Intervention (PQI)

These precise and concise peer-reviewed clinical guidance resources provide extraordinary support to oncology professionals. The focus is on Quality Standards and effective practices around various aspects of cancer care. View NCODA PQIs here

PQIs offer outstanding benefits:

  • Spotlight on the use of oral drug therapy as it changes – creating insight in real-time so that those in the field have access to a quick resource when they need it.
  • Better patient identification – PQIs help in increasing appropriate patient identification, speeding up the care providers offer.
  • Appropriate care – with resources to better identify care, it’s possible to speed up access to therapy, reduce cost and hospitalization, and improve adherence techniques.

How can you help?

No matter which sector of oncology or hematology care you are in, we encourage you to reach out to learn more about becoming an author of a PQI, or join our PQI Committee and contribute relevant topics.

Two pill bottles containing large white tablets sit in the foreground; in the background a doctor writes a prescription

Photo courtesy of
Smilow Cancer Center at Yale New Haven Health

Two pill bottles containing large white tablets sit in the foreground; in the background a doctor writes a prescription

Photo courtesy of Zangmeister Cancer Center

PQI in Action

We need you to help with our PQI in Actions! We’re actively seeking involvement from those who want to make a real difference. It only takes a few minutes of your time – about 15 minutes – to make a big difference in the lives of patients and the quality of care.

In this area, members of the NCODA clinical team will interview three to four members of the medically integrated team. By gathering this information, we can transform it into usable, valuable content for other practices to learn from. Our clinical team does the work of collecting information from those interviews and writing the article. View NCODA PQI in Action articles here

How can you help?

Connect with an NCODA team member through the link below to get your practice involved. The process for each participant of the medically integrated team only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to interview and discuss valuable information to provide in this clinical article.

Are you ready to put your thumbprint on patient care?

Connect with an NCODA team member today.

Additional Opportunities

Webinar Presenters – The opportunity to present industry topics and timely oncolytic updates to NCODA membership.

Poster Presenters – Showcase your achievements to experts in oncology by presenting a poster at an NCODA meeting. 

Mentorship – Become a mentor for future oncology professionals to guide them on a path to success as they near graduation.

Special Initiatives – NCODA offers patient-centered projects that need the involvement of experts in the field of oncology.

Learn more about these opportunities by submitting your information to allow an NCODA team member to schedule a time to meet with you. NCODA understands time is limited for all healthcare professionals, and we are dedicated to ensuring your meeting time is efficient and effective. Our team looks forward to speaking with you!


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