Mission Statement:

Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure affordable access to our patients.


Massillon, Ohio

Practice certifications

3 Providers, 30-40 employees

Dispensing type


Services Provided

The oral dispensary operates with combined efforts from our physicians, pharmacist, and pharmacy technician.    Drugs dispensed include oral oncolytics and supportive medications.  Patients are monitored for adherence and toxicity via our oral chemotherapy monitoring program.  The pharmacy also helps facilitate eligible patients’ financial assistance applications, as well as navigate PAs and rejections.  Counseling services are available by consultation.  Aaron Budge, PharmD, and Katie Iams, CPhT have been with Tri-County since June of 2017 and 2014, respectively.

Why did you join NCODA?

Our practice was already a member when I joined the team in 2017, and we plan to continue our membership due to the great value NCODA provides to community oncology practices.

What are some challenges you face now or will face in the future?

Community practices face enormous challenges – tighter margins, consolidation of payer/PBM/specialty, hospital specialty, anticompetitive behavior from large chains, just to name a few.  The challenge will be continuing to shield our patients from these problems while keeping the lights on.  That’s why we feel organizations like NCODA are so critical to the survival of community oncology.