Helping Patients Faced with CoPay Accumulator Changes

(Excerpt from drugchannels.net) Patients today are being asked to pay a significant share of prescription costs for more-expensive specialty drugs, because of high coinsurance amounts. Many patients also face a deductible for their prescriptions.These are either a combined medical-pharmacy benefit deductible or an annual prescription drug deductible that was separate from any general annual deductible.
Copayment offset programs (also called copay cards or coupons) have traditionally covered a beneficiary’s out-of-pocket costs and/or deductible for a brand-name specialty drug.
For the 2018 benefit plan year, however, many plan sponsors are adopting a copay accumulator approach that alters the conventional scenario. The impact is significant for cancer patients needing assistance to pay for pharmaceutical therapies.
Here are 3 articles to learn more about this industry trend and a download to the NCODA CoPay Accumulator brochure to help educate your patients as they manage the financial impact of copay accumulator programs.

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