September 6, 2022

Contact: Kevin Scorsone | NCODA Legislative & Policy Liaison
Phone: (919) 903-2057

In two consecutive legislative sessions in 2021 and 2022, the state of Maine has focused on reform for patients battling cancer. The legislative bodies in Maine came together and passed two laws that bring reform to Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Cost Sharing, Prior Authorization and Prescription Drugs.

NCODA applauds the legislators of Maine for their continued work on reforming systems that have neglected patients, and instead passed legislation that will result in  policies that will focus on patients and their caregivers.

In 2022, SB 1783 calls for Pharmacy Benefit Managers to give credit for any waiver or discount toward the out-of-pocket costs for patients’ medication that does not have a generic equivalent or when a step therapy overrides exception. This change in law provides patients better access  to receive needed medication that their physician thinks is best for their treatment by allowing better opportunity to pay the out-of-pocket costs.

Progress needs to start somewhere and we know change does not happen overnight, but the reform that is required to improve patients’ access to life-saving medications is occurring slowly at various state levels.  It starts with provisions and laws, such as these in Maine, that give patients more opportunities for access to quality care.


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