June 30, 2022

Contact: Kevin Scorsone | NCODA Legislative & Policy Liaison
Phone: (919) 903-2057


NCODA Legislative & Policy Advisory Committee Adds Top Thought Leaders in Oncology

NCODA is pleased to announce that Debra Patt, MD, PhD, MBA, Executive Vice President at Texas Oncology, Joy Pratt, PharmD, Pharmacy Manager at Tennessee Cancer Specialists and Stephen Schleicher, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer at Tennessee Oncology have joined NCODA’s Legislative & Policy Advisory Committee (LPAC).

The new committee members are advocates for legislative reform and advancing quality care for cancer patients. They have been involved with issues of vital importance to oncology healthcare professionals. NCODA’s LPAC is becoming a nationally recognized and sought-after group for opinions and resources due to its focus on having dedicated committee members who bring unique experience and perspective.

“We plan on having a big impact in 2022 and into 2023 with our legislative content,” said Nancy Egerton, LPAC Committee Chair. “Having Dr. Patt, Joy and Dr. Schleicher join LPAC positions us to be the foremost resource for oncology-related legislation. Our committee contains thought leaders in this space, and they position us to exceed our goals.”

NCODA is focused on growing its legislative efforts and adding dedicated, patient-centered individuals to the LPAC that will help continue the growth of our legislative focus and make NCODA a top trusted resource for all legislative oncology matters. “To have this many thought leaders in the legislative space provide their time and talent to our Mission is remarkable,” said Michael Reff, RPh, MBA, NCODA Founder and Executive Director. “We have created a committee that focuses on having leaders within various areas of oncology throughout our country, all focused on the most important thing – making life better for cancer patients!”

Important updates on state legislation can be found in the newly released NCODA Oncology State Legislation Tracker. This state-of-the-art and first-of-its-kind tracker is updated weekly and features oncology related bills from all 50 states. The tracker includes the full bill to read, and also includes a summary and “why it matters” section to educate our membership in a thorough and timely manner. To access the tracker, click here.



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