At NCODA, we are committed to empowering and educating all stakeholders in oncology care. With the recent implementation of the DIR Fee Transparency Rule, NCODA is actively engaging our professional community of leaders and passionate healthcare providers to bring further knowledge that can best support practices and patients across the country. This new rule marks a significant shift in pharmacy reimbursement processes, with specific implications for our members in the community sector.   

Further information and organizational steps are outlined below: 

1. Introduction to the New DIR Fee Transparency: 

As of January 2024, the healthcare landscape, particularly for community oncology, has entered a new era with the implementation of the DIR Fee Transparency.   This transformative legislation fundamentally changes the way pharmacy reimbursements are processed, moving DIR fees to the point of sale and eliminating retroactive fee adjustments. 

2. Commitment to Transparency and Predictability: 

NCODA supports this law’s intent to enhance transparency and predictability in pharmacy reimbursements. We believe that these changes, although challenging in the short term, may represent a positive step towards a more understandable and equitable financial environment for our member pharmacies. 

3. Acknowledging Challenges and Supporting Members: 

This new reimbursement model imposes challenges in terms of reduced upfront payments and cash flow challenges. NCODA is committed to supporting our members through this transition, providing intellectual expertise and offering resources to navigate these changes effectively. 

4. Advocating for Improved Communication and Clarity: 

In response to the complexities of the new ruling, NCODA is engaging with all key stakeholders to empower our members in proactively assessing complex contractual agreements and achieving enhanced precision in financial planning. Recognizing the uncertainties stemming from the changes, we encourage you to reach out with any questions or to delve deeper into understanding the profound impact of this new rule.  

As we work diligently to gather valuable insights, we encourage feedback and information from our members that can positively impact all oncology practices. Below is a link to a brief questionnaire to learn more about what your practice is doing in response to the new DIR Fee Transparency Rule. Any amount of information is helpful.    

 Thank you for your time and efforts to ensure a patient’s continuity of care.  Together, we are stronger! 



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